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For Reference 

Not to be taken from this room 

Billerica Public Libraiy 
IS Concord Road 

BiJIeraca, MA 0!82l 


It was the first formal dance 

of the year for the class of 

2009. The excitement grew 
as all the ladies and guys got 
ready for this big event at the 
Billerica Elk's Club. Everyone 
looked fabulous as they 

posed for pictures, chatted 
with friends and danced the 

night away. The energetic 
music made it hard for 

anyone to leave the dance 
floor. As the night ended, the 

class of 2099 walked away 
with memories that will last a 
life time. 


On the night of May 16, 
2008, the BMHS Class of 
2009 dolled and spoofed 
themselves up to prepare 

for Junior Prom. 
Everybody boarded their 
fancy limos and headed 
up to Windam, NH to the 
sophisticated Castleton 
for an elegant dinner and 
dance. The girls looked 
stunning and the guys 
kept it classy, while the 
dance floor was crowed 
all night. The festivities 
ran wild all night and '09 
was lookin' fine. 



Woah Baby, talk about a fashion rewind. Fer 
sure everyone lool<ed like they just stepped 
out of the 80's. The halls of BMHS were kickin' 
with everyone's neon clothes, leg warmers, 
huge bangles, spandex shorts and rocker 
vests. On halloween the Class of 2009 shined 
through on this new wave of fashion. 


After conning in 2nd place three 
years in a row for spriit week, it 
was now our turn to take the 
trophy. However, when school 
started, not only was it a time of 
change for our seniors, but also a 
change of spirit week. Instead of 
that one intsense competivite 
week in november, spirit week 
had became spirit year. With only 
three days in November and 
events going on through out the 
entire year. Something we weren't 
used to. At first there were 
complaints and anger, but the 
Class of 2009 quickly adjusted. 
Instead of being the first class to 
moan about the new change, they 
instead decided to be the first 
class to win spirit year. So for 
those three days, we gave it all 
our effort and particpated in every 
dress up day, penny war, 
volleyball game and cheered loud 
at the pep rally. 

Pep Rally 

As all four classes crowded into the 
Memorial gym, the bleachers became a 
sea of green and white, as did many 
seniors whose faces proudly displayed 
their green and white war paint. Following 
excellent performances by both the BMHS 
band, color guard, the cheerleaders, and 

captain speeches. We welcome our 
Friday night heroes. As Coach Flynn tore 
the Lowell Sun into scraps the crowd of 
Indian fans went wild. It was time for our 
seniors to speak. We lent our ears to the 

well delivered speech by Football 
Captains Matt Langill, Keric Kelly, Dan 
O'Connor and James "J-slay" Sorenson. 
Finally we proceeded to join the 
Tomahawk Chop one last time. 


flPowderPttf f Gamd 

The Thanksgiving Day football game between 
Billerica and Chelmsford is one of the longest 
running high school football series in the nation, 

beginning In 1927. Over the years, these two 
teams have created a rivalry unlike any other in 
the state of Masssachusetts. The 2008 game 
filled every historical expectation; a close, hard 
fought game that left every spectator standing 
on their feet for the whole game. The Lions won 
the opening coin toss and elected to receive the 
ball. The action started from the very first play 
as Chelmsford fumbled the ball on the kickoff 
and Billerica recovered. A few plays later, 
freshman Nick LaSpada scored the first 
touchdown of the game. He later went ariborne 
to punch in the 2-point conversions, but the 
Lions held the 14-8 lead after the opening 
quarter. The second quarter was more 
defensive as both teams struggled to put 
together a scohng drive. However, Billerica 
senior James Sorenson broke out with a 48- 
yard touchdown run to give Billerica the 16-14 
lead heading into halftime. The second half 
proved to be a defensive stalemate, as both 
teams put up blanks in the third quarter; 
Billerica still held the lead into the fourth 
quarter. The Lions scored the only touchdown 

of the second half when QB Mike Crafts 
plunged in from 1-yard out after a successful 2- 
point conversion pass. Chelmsford took the 22- 
16 lead with just minutes remaining. Billerica 
still had life as they put togther one more drive 
towards the end zone. The Indians made it to 
the Chelmsford yard line, but after a loss of 7 
yards, Billerica was faced with a long goal line. 

After three failed attempts for the end zone, 
Chelmsford's defense held their ground and the 
Indians came up short, turning the ball over. 
The Lions ran out the remaining time. The 
game may have ended with a Chelmsford 
victory, but Billerica had nothing to hang their 
heads on; they gave the Lions all they could 
18 handle. 

your smile in 
the mirror: 
5 minutes 



Mamorloel Good timea wltti 
the Oreateat frleiKjb DH, 
N(9, &(3 and a family 'ttiat; 
haa 0cMi6n me throu^ 
everything, LOVE YOU 
ALL...oh and nlkkl, I will 
always win i) 

Hflloy Abrahamdon 

Amarda L AOon 

7 Homestead Lane 
MomorlOd! Sophomore year 
& semi. Ruff & lotloni Movie 
projects. Ms. PetuIIos 
Insights. Mr. Desmonds how 
are you? replies. Laughing 
nonstop with Arlana. Lindsay 
setting the voltage meter on 
fire, getting my rocket stuck 
on the roof. Physics Is fun 
with a phi 

Tyler L Anderson 

7?3(? /Ci^ 7y Andareon 
4 Tercentennial Drive 

Momorloe! Newspaper with 
Jay and Mr. L, Drulns gamea)* 
with everyone, 2/13/07, 
hff^O merchguy. Wool , 
mindgames on Mr J^dams, 
lreland08>, fao-5m, SelnfeUl 
and Always Sunny Quotes 
and always having fun. 

Jalce Z Andrewe 

The Congf&eetnan 
1 2 Jacob Road 
MomoriSfll I loved my class 
with that wacky teacher 
and his or her sllly ways. 1 
also liked ttiat time I dldnt 
go to school, ttiose were 
good days. I also enjoyed 
those yearly boxing 
matches with the school 
mascot, Kanga I^Te Roo. 

Arthur Arrey 

^^Jte^ M Ateemi£\> 

1 fseneln^n Drive 
Actlvttaod! Soccer 1 -4i 
5a0ke1*afl 1-4 
^lomoriod! Sofhomor& En^iteh, 
jaeta parties, morning looker 

Austin I Arrooo 

5 Heavenly Way 
AoUvtUod! Marching BandJ 
Science League* Matii 

Momortofll Vkieo games, 
XBOX Live Gamertagg, 
Where a 1*6 f oo«f? , vkieo 
games vs. prom, marching 
band competitions, SfAC 
^6cbh0, shows, &A1V, bus 
rides, Ma1*i and Sc\&no& 

Ann E ArdonauH; 

44 School House Lane 
Aottvlttoel Stage Crew 
MottioriMi I will always 
remember the good times In 
homeroom. Snow Paysl, 
battling for chairs at lunch, 
and Stage Crewl Also, aD 
of ttie great friends ttiat I 
have made ■ttiroughout 
these four years and kepri 
You guys are greatl 

Lauren Paricor 

Kevin J ^aronl 

5 South Munroe Road 
ActMtiOd! Lacrosse 1 J 
Winter Track 1; DECA 4^ 
Stage Crew 4J Musical 4 
Momotloel Crawford- dont 
chuck pens across the room, 
you could seriously hurt 
someone. Kiepondo'. It was 
clearly a light lob. , Freshman 
Year CooklesI, it s Ann s 

1 Eaetgate Road 
ActMHod! Drama Clubj Tenntei 
National Honor Society 
MotnotiOd! Fall playg and spring 
mu0\oahM^S>DG Drama feet 
'OS & 'Oa Mestma -the 
moet amazing friends In ds-ama. 
Late night rehearsals, double 
runs, opening nights, & final 
shows. (3lrls tennis, MVC 
Champions 07 & 03. 

Amanda ^oalo 

5 1 Salem Road #32 
ActMtlOd! Marching Bandi 
Peer LeaderJ 
Momoriod! Marching band Is 
life. Ala Is my brd^ 
Lindsay always remembers 
the cards and the sptce. 
Rorlda w/ my band geeks. 
Love homeroom. Love my 
kmart kids. Remember Life 
Is like a lemonade cap* you 
never know what your gonna 
get." '09 babyll 

Cardinal Lane 
Aotavindd! Marching BandJ 
JSAJ Newspaper* 
Weatherman* Student 
Government* Volleyball* 
Cross Country 

MomorlOd! German Exchange 
Trip Junior Year, Marching 
Band Trip to Rorlda fi-eshman 
Year, my attempt at Vice 
President during Sophomore 
Year, and SfAC S&tior 

32 Treble Cove Road 
Memorteal I cant believe 
were finally donel I wont 
forget &MHS, or times 
w/ friends. I would list 
people, but I know 1 11 
forget someone and feel 
horrible about Itl To 
everyone I should have 
listed, I love you all, and 
good luck In whatever you 
choose to do. 

&iana L ^on^ 

ActMtlog! Lacrosse* 
Peer Leader 

MomoriOd! FVediman year 
lacrosse, Ivirs. Jdiansens 
class with Brl, Good 
times with my best friend I 
Brittany, and the summa- ■ 
of 03'. And oh yeah, O 5 

23 Richarife Street 
Aottvlttoa: PECA 
MotnoriOd! My baeement, 
the ^alla, f Iree at CJ 0, 
waking up at 9 am on 
Saturdays, mlBc, playing pong, 
30mph and the weekends 
not starting untlll 1 1 100. 

Samarrtha 3rsn^ott6 


ActtvlttesI Yearbook^ DECA 
M^notidd! getting lost in 
Lowell wrtti Holly B. MP crew, 
Adams homeroom. Crazy spirit 
week, wild parties, disastrous 
bridge project, not remembering 
Dartmouth haha,B4L,(3ym 
class w/ Sara M,,crazy says 
what?, silly remarks and yelling 
DADAMSllI Everyday 


19 Hilltop Road 
Acttvtttoal Soccer 1 ,4i 

MomorlOd! Joe ve. Joe, 
Jermalnee ehower In NH, 
Mat'teo laet nl^ht, Pan 6 
c\o0&^, nlghte at Dejiana, TIP 
with the bball team, MVC 
champs OS , ballln at the 
church, ricke with cheese, 
o\uatr\&e, camp Roy 


Momotloei %ark6 
Me Sargent, Jidy, Me J, 
Thereee, Tina, Me P. Gtimee 
working In lunchroom. Ashley, 
Olivia, Joey, Megan, Erin. 
Special times. Camp Maine. 
Tlnarks Mom&Pad I love youl 
Special thanks to (5ram. Live 
my life to the fullesl^ 

Kayla M &jIIock 

19S Andover 
Iwiomoridd! Freshman year and 
our lunch. PAS was all 
to^&ther and everyWilng was 
^eat. Best friends forever 
no matter what has happend 
or what will happen. Junior 
Prom w/ Katey H. as my 
prom date couldnt have 
asked for a better date. 

iKotnad W &iriC5 

4 Clarence Street 
Acl;ivtl;iOd! Peer Leader* 
Newspaper* Baseball 
MoRioriOd! Baseball, 
Getting delicious lunches 
from my mom and seeing her 
In the hallways, Span^i 
class, Akerson picnic, 
stlckball, the dare game, 
creating great frlendshljjs 
along the way 

Etnliy J &jmd 

20 William Road 
ActtvlttesI Band & 
Colorguardj Play* Musicals* 
Ensemble* Prama Club* NHS 
Ivfemoriad! steamrolllng, 
teel^i, double runs, apples to 
apples, Meryl Sft-eep, 
paradise by the dashboard 
ll^t, cereal Saturday, deb 
decca, macsplcybethers 

Ian P &jmd 

325 Salem 
MdtnorlOd! playing puck, 
porchln It, tSie car, 
johnyy heroo, grizzly, 
dangle stick, chics home 
room, snowfresh 

1 4 Hattl© Lane 
Acttvlttofll Cro00 CountryJ 
Winter Tracki Spring 

MdmortoflJ The Danteh, 
Lunch Qua^l, B-eehalwaye, 
Spoom, Roa^tfcrlpe, 
Slgnlf leant Otiier, SI, 
FO00, ^ok, foeme. 

Erica J Gallon^ 

4R Simonda Farm Road 

National Honor Society 
Momoriod! Semi 07, Junior 
Prom 06, Football Games, 
Art Cla00, Pep RalDea, and 
Spirit Weekl 
So many good memories and 
friends madel Going to miss 

Mdlteda M Cardlla 

1 3 Aynsley Circle 
Actavltiod! Spanldi-ltallan 

Momortofll 1 n never forget 
my teachers, friends, and 
the lau^ •Hiat I shared 
with them. To mom, dad, 
Sue, Lyn, Nona, and Leot 
I love youl 

StdVdn J Carugo 

20 Forest Park Avenue 
Aottvtttofll Chess club 
Momoridd! Stlckynoted Matts 
whole locker once, filled it with 
cotton another time. Sorry 
Matt, but It was too much fun. 
The 5 shall go gallivanting In a 
nongalllvantlng zone once agalnl 
There were some people who 
made school bearable, and to 
you, I thank t^iee. 

Crte^ Caecto 

1 8> Margaret; Lane 
Acttvtttosl Football] 
MomorlOd! Playing do^igeball In 
boetonl Meeting Olivia D. 
food on Idle face, Spicy 
chicken vvlnge. Hanging out w/ 
the boys. Going to malne. 
Tublngll, Ivlan laws, snowball 
mountain. 333. Catch 
phraee, Hanging on the 
hammock, Long hair, Mr Clc e 
homeroom. Making beats 

3emgtttilna M Onoek 

5 Char\&s Anna Lane 
MemortoeH Laughs to drama 
to friendships. Deing a timid 
freshman, to o\aee&0 w/ 
Katey H. playing games In 
our history olaeeee. &junlor 
yr when we almost beat 
the seniors, & as a senior, 
everyone & all my great 
friends like Sara M. & 
Alyssa T. I will remember 

Erika A Ciccaridlb 

24 Shawsheen Road 
ActMttM: TrackJ Varsity 
Qocc&r'i Vsa-0}ib\/ (gymnastics 
MomorlOd! Chicks homeroom. 
Pasta parties, cold Nov. 
eooc&r games, MYC champs 
Year. Beating 
Scavenger HuntJ Rip Cup, 
cake fight, pep rally speech, 
5ooG&r capiisina & 
teammatesj Jackie L. best 
friends always. 

Cral0 M Qiicd\:lki 


26 Hamilton Avenue 
hiAMMoei 0\bb& Treasurer 
4i Newspaper 
MomorlOd! Chlnmoe, Fourth 
of July Week '07, Beach 
Caea, Prulne wltti the guye, 

Kaltlyn A Qoiicuzio Bi^ 

55 George Prown Street 
ActtvlttOd! Amnesty 
MotnorlOd! Marfriaros English 
comer, The fi-ench Italian, 
Fake Valentine letters. Its 
just sleeping, Pus/car rides 
with Eric, Soph lunch, Jr. 
year art class, Maczllla, OGe 
classes, Mr. V&emonde class. 
Learning ■ttie trutfi about 
Lindsays origin 

Amy M Gonby 

Carllne Drive 
Memorlea! Kfaln Klmbaland 
& AJeezy Fab4 4ever. 
Weekend crew that never 
knows what to do. Dunklns. 
Pep rally nights & shirts. 
Scavenger hunt. Laser tag. 
Night of pick-up lines, 
chewbaccal Go Pig PaplI 
Aiannahs neatness. I\lm 
takes It a step further. 

&k:i00l; Connon 

Pdrdk ^ Corcoran 

7 Moran Road 
AottvttteaJ Basketball 1 
Memorloel Hanging out with 
■ttie crew. Poker with 
o\d friends, Joe vs. Joe. 
Rap battles at ■ttie football 
games. Playing pick-up 
basketball games with my 
best friends. And spending 
time with an amazing girl 

Sooin; T Gotrdau 

24 MacDou^sSi Street 
Acttvtttoel Basketball 1 -4i 
DECA 2-4 
Momorioel Dereke house, 
Java, TIP, Annas, nationals, 
and basketball seasons 

1 47D Andover Road 
Momoiiod! Lots of good 
times, Span^i with 
Mulrooney, sof^omore acting 
with Olivia and Ariel, endless 
all-nighters for Desmond, 
Mrs. Ps class and our weird 
conversations, even Italy., and 
of course all my days wftti 
Jon., good and bad. 



1 1 Talbot Avenue 
ActMttOdI Cross Country* 
Indoor TraokJ Oufl)d(Xir Track 
Momortoel An the good times 
Ms Luzs English class, old 
pasta bar, 'ttie 2,000 cross 
counlS7 team and all ■tine 
great seasons of running, all 
■ttie good lads, teachers and 

Adhby M Grtdor 

37 Wilson Street 
Momortoal JH best voolallst 
In 20091 Jessica N. best 
friends since fr. year eutm&r, 
60 many good times like our 
boys & t^ie freshman ha, 
patrIck you re my best friend 
& will always be even If we re 
stubborn! Craig E. 1 love you 
always and f oreverl Everyone 
else you know who you are. 

42 Pond Street 
AcftMOoeH Basketball 
Momtxioel TotimaaanI, Pont ~ 
Upl, Marchants book of Idiotic 
statements, great seasons 
girls. In miss It. Borat, my 
parftTer, great times doing 
PECA or mostly 
soattergorles. States. All my 
bests- thanks for making hl^ 
school worth while, love yoa 

Qaudla Cruz 

Jonnlf dr Cupp 

&iflna L Patton 

4 Ca^iy Street; 
AdavlttesI Vofleyballi 
Lacroeeei Boys Volleyball 
Kdanager J Pramai firture 

Ivldmoridd! Jdianeens wtth 
B-eehman year at my house. 
Man Hunt (whoe in the trunk?) 
C(5&P wttti beetles Meaner 
and MeL An the shows I was a 
part of. NY with Ensemble. 
Semi and Proms with friends I II 
never forget. PJ KoystonO 

JonalJhan daSflva 

Shauna L PoPomonlco 

27 Sachem Street 
ActMttoel Volleyball 1J 
Spanleh/Itallan Club. 
Momoriod! Sem). Prom. My 
3Hivk\/0 at t*ie lake. HSM 
party. Infamous camping trip. 
Wlnnlpeaaukee, NH. My 
parties. Boo-K.ltty. Mimis 
carpool to the bus stop. My 
(decorated locker. London, Parte, 
thanks Moma. To my family, I 
love you. 

Kotth P PeOsPorto 

34 Hlghvlew Street 
Varsity Basketball 1 -2 
MomortodI Petrodl Dltes, 
Annas, Maine Wlt*i K.ev, 
Dow To Your Sensel, Dks 
House, Janessa, Lahey 

Kalt%n E PoKdsi^t^iaa 

29 Basswood Avenue 
ActtvlttoeJ Vice President] 
Spanish-Italian Club 
Momoriflel ICDeMattla. 
A.Contey A Joyner Fab 
4.forever&alway0j^llcole PUlii 
OVERl My husband. 24 hou 
dunksl hmrm 3 1 07. Stockaa 
Jones. Mr.Desmond chasing ti 
our locker spot. Pep Rally 
Nl#its. P^OMI finalized. 


2.3 ^ae&NooA Avenue 
Memortdd! A.Joyner, A.Conley, 
K.PeMattla ttie fab 4. Love 
you girls, thanks for 
everyttilng. 24 hour dunklns. 
TTiey only had toilet paper 
NI.eBlanc & G.young why Is 
Boston behind us? the 
hypnotist, sophomore English, 
junior prom, & pep rally nights 
w/ my bests. 

Mdlidda M Pdrmdhy 


30 Banlulls Road 
MdmorlOd! (5lrls-always I 
love you so muchi so many 
actlvltes. New Years07 @ 
KCs, DFss old house, Dans 
Jlwwy&Mewwy forever, 
Sleeping at wades w/ 
Jlll&KrIsten I hear ankles . 
fi-eshmen picnics, Marshfleld 
4th of July, love '09i 

Emily Podmarate 

Stacy A Vevoeu 

9 South Munro© Koad 

Croee Country 1 J Softball 1 -2', 
Mock Trial 1 -4j Peer Leader 
MdtnoriOd! Hanging w/ the 
orew. Living In Ms. Hayee 
homeroom Jr. & Sr. year. 
Hanging In the cafe w/ Perek, 
Ev, and ^cardo before echool. 
G-Vsnee at SemI & Prom. G- 
tlmee w/ the basketball glrle 


1 4 Cedarwood Road 
AfXtMttoal Writing Center > 
Student Government 
Momortoe I nik. It's like hot. 1 
stick of gums 5 bucks, crazy 
bink. Gonoer\>d bubby love, 
augu^tas. caltlbi, sunday 
momir\0e & our stupid fights, 
and her mom and dad. Thank 

57 Rio Vteta Street 
MomorlOd! Never again In 
my life will I have friends 
like the ones I had In high 
schooL I don t need to say 
more because the people 
that I win remember have 
given me too many happy 
moments to list here. 



dhaivn K Vunom 


2.9 Koeewood Avenue 
AcftMttoel Go\f 5-4; 
Hockey 1 -4s Baseball 1 -4 
MotnortosI Fetrodl Brteei 
3ow to your S&ne&]j 
3 1 09 Homeroom com&r's 
hockey locker room with 
•the 0«iuadj Hey everyone 
look, he 6 ^ot a Garrett R. 
on ; "ttTe EBC; K&sa-done 

Joanna K Poyid 

72 Pond Street 
School ActMttoel Yearbook] 
Mock Trial* LacroeeeJ SoccerJ 
National Honor Society 
MomorlOd! Hangln after finals, 
Quebec trip, prom n eeml, makln 
shirts @ pasta parties, bus rides, 
good times @ trials, sop^i math 
w/ Theresa S, &lt Lit best 
class ever, Macbeth movie, amer 
legal w/ Lordan, mornings w/ 
Molly W, s/o @ Theresa s O x 
infinity n beyondl 

Kri0l;ina F Pucoy 

50 Sachem Street 
Actlvttloe! Soccer 1 i 
Lacrosse 1 J JY Soccer 
2-3; JV Lacrosse 2-3 
Momorlod! Fun times in 
freshmen gym with Coach 
Rynnl The people that 
helped me survive high 
school, you know who you 
are. Hide and Seek at 

AOidon N Pupute 

1 30 Treble Cove Road 
Aciavlttee: NHS; School 
Council; Amanuensis 
Memcjrioel SGDC divas, 
party brigade, my glrlsl Shaun 
Kath & Al always, I taste 
blood, CHOCHl, adventures 
wH^ Nicole, homeroom wdth 
Sam & Bridget, semis, 
proms, Hampton 031, the 
LLs, NBA f oreverl ..jnlss & i 
love you all 

Samuel P Earn 

36 Lowell Street 
Aci;ivt1;iod! Math League; 
Handbell Choir 
MemoriOd! Homeroom with 
Ally P and Bridget E, 
Saturday nights with Liz 
M, Driving with Jill H, 
DeCordova wltfi Olivia D 
and Kelsey L, Fatalltying 
fetal pigs with Derek T. 

Karim A El-Hamawy 

1 10 HighSto-eet 
Mdmoriod! My friends, best 
times, best 4 years. The 
eight guys love yous 
Football at Dereks on 
Sundays. Wades car best 
car rides. Iv^ergs love ya 
since middle schooL J.Dutra 
S.Duncan. M fergs S£llls 
hom&room crew. ColIe6n*s3 

1 Jaml60on Way 
School Actavfttoal Ful^ur© 
Teachers of America] 

MomotiOd! Lon^lon ard Paris 
07. Pep Rally 09. Good 
times with friends especially 
Katelyn And Kerl. Special 
thatke to my teachers, 
Mom, Dad, and John for all 
your support. 


393 Boston Road 
Momoiiod! Great times 
wttti old friends, and ^eat 
times with new friends. 
Jvlaklna memories that I will 
never forget. Ashley 
I love you always and 

Q\jeven J. ElUd 

7 Sergl Lane 
School Acttvlttoe; Vice 
President Peer LeaderJ 
Basketball 1-3 
Memortefll 09 ^s Matty 
Pete Tom Mkez DanP 05 
Zeek Ev-D Jamie Rerce 
Kjtzee 5 1 09 Crew. Bump 
Weezy, Pave. Memories with 
K.Croke. My brothers. Thanks 
Mom and Dad 

S Valerie Avenue 
AcHMtHoei Oroee Country] 
Track and ReldJ Pramai 
Writing Center 
Mdmortofll Whats in the 
trunk?, My First Spac as well 
as Rock the Wish, The Adams 
Family, Prama workouts to 
M.I-A, MelAmy, comer In Ms. 
Luz class, Twilight trend, 
Punkln runs after Internship, 
carpoollng w/ Taylor, Bus # 3, 
pool parties, snA the p&op\6 
I ve met along the way. 

Jamlo C FflDon 

ActavttlOd! Soccer 1 ,3i 
Winter Track 1 -2i Lacroee&t 
FTAi Peer Leader 
Momortoel Mege eweet 1 6. 
JAMC Halloween. Crazy 
Iacro00e glrle. Jackie & iCele, 
Allexe Qulncenera, dancfti . 
Gym class w/ Martee & Jilll 
J ^oup + Me^. Sciueab 

Smalla, Alex, Amanda, 
CarmlHa, Erin, In Ana TomyO 
MP peopte, walks/ haircuts 
w/ Rlss Rass & Carms. 

2 Slmonds Farm Road 
Momoriod! Dereks house was 
always a nasty, sick times 
with the elghtO fUrlm, Tim, 
Wade Josh, Pk, Dano, Rlcclo. 
O Homeroom 3 1 09<3, 
Annas, Danos house, Wade, 
and his caviller. Rower bombs. 
Good times at the Pon^ 
Summer and Monster Jam. 


thomad Bbit-Lop&z 

ActavlttesI Varsity 
Swimmlng/Dlvln^, Captalni 
Varsity TennlsJ Indoor Tracki 
Outdoor Tracki National 
Honors Society 

26 fi-ench Sfe-eet 
Actavtttoel Soco&r 1 -4J 
Winter Track 2-4; Spring 
Track 1-4; NHS 3-4 
MomoiiOd! 1 win always 
remember lAie time I have 
spent on t*ie soccer field and 
track. 1 wdll never forget the 
workouts in Dun^n wftti my 
team-mates and long track 
meets indoors and out. My 
memories of 3MHS will be 
times and homeroom and 
chicken for lunch everyday. 


NOT MoHywMee 
1 Thoreau Sts-eet 
ActtvtttosI Writing Center; 
Drama Qub 

Momoriod! All nl^t cast 
parties, chocolate oaver&d i 
jfMoeo^ihy , glraffelpants. 
Rock tfie Wi^ SO many 
Italian teachers, Ireland, beln^ 
covered in sparkles for 
MONTHS after "A 
Midsummer Nl^ts Dream , . 
and don t eat the grapesl 

Ces\d0a A Fort;o 


109 Nashua Road 
Ad^Miaod! Yearbook^ 
Spanteh-Itallan Qubj 5c\&no& 

MotnoriOd! I ivlll never forget 
all ■ttie m&eom& people I have 
met in high echool We are, by 
far, ■tiie beet claee to come 
through BMHS. My Italian 
vacation and any time wltfi 
friends were ^eat times. 
Thanks for all the memories! 

Audra L Foivlor 

7 Hickory Lane 
Momoriod! Moving to 
Dlllerica, meeting new 
people and having some of 
the best times with KD 
and JB. Staying up all 
night and trying to function 
in school. Going to Call 
with Mrs.Blshop. Pineapple 
and lemonade D<3 

dtophanid Garcia Jonntf dr J (7au4sin;o 

4 ^erhurst Road 
Memories! many people 
helped me a lot Mrs. 
Jacobs, Mrs. Htntz, Mrs. 
PHvowar, 1 m proud of 
myself on how much Ive 
been improving In this life 
and this new school and 
this Is the place that made 
me grow up and get to know 
myself better each day. 


14 Fox Hill Road 
ActMtlOd! Cheerleadlngj 
Track; DECA 
MomotiOd! CGe/ Cabana 
parties, the locker, Atlanta, 
the poptart. Thanks for the 
good times, love you guysl 

Nikki L Giate 


2 Twin Ftiee Avenue 
Aotavlttee: Softball; DECA 
Memoried! klckboxlna w/ Jem 
•ttien Anna 0, AugusiJa D, 
Dane house, summer 07 O, 
PLS w/ Jao & coffee 
adeiSat\o{]e, competing with 
Cafty Mufly aU K.ev0, 
ScoWJy 6 car at my house K 
& crazy eoftball times. 




29 fi-anklln Street 

20 Outlook Road 
MetnortesI Good times vvltti 
the glrb. }S>\rthday weekend 
with marieea, completely 
unforgettable. Pep rally and 
eplrlt weeks. A block jr. 
year with marteea. Senior 
prom OS , most amazing 
nl^t. Qirte, 1 love you. 

L^tvld L Han^yal 

1 Dofly Drook Circle 
ActtvJttoel Dasket^all 
MomorlOd! ballln w/andy, joe, 
joe. THE good times 
w/jermalne. long stories for 

talks w/jena. homeroom 
w/brll hate/love arlel. pasta 
parties w/tld&the w/kelth&dan. 
crazy croke In hamelln s 

Molanio C Harrington 3tisma Hart;ory 

Devon L Hsl^ch 

1 1 Dyer Street 
Nf^jWti&i Laoroeee') 
MomoiiOdC Waking Denize upj 
The L heureux BathrootnJ New 
Years- the Falii Shooting & 
Surgery In Malnei DottJlln^ 
Josh] Scream Cont&ete') the 
Chagei Tower Farm FuII- 
OverJ Seba^o- The Canoe Tlpi 
Coach Powderlyi <5reg 
Burgersj Foo^i, K,ooky Wln^e & 

1 7 Eliot; Street 
AcVMtioei National Honor 
Socletyi Orch&etra 
Memorlee! Cowereaclonee 
haprop\aiiae In AP Span^i 
witii Mrs. PHvowar, textlng In 
cla00, and morritnge wtth the 
0\r\e at Bn-ltt Ge locker. 

212 Salem Road 
ActMtlOd! Lacroeee'f 
MemortOd! Good tlmee wtth 
^eat; friends I wouldnt be 
able to survive without* 
Scott,Calty, Pree, Lou<3 
I love yousi And to my 
family, thankyou for putting 
up with me and everyHilng 
you dol Xo 

Chridtophor Haud6r 

lAo0etn L Hdaly 

3 1 Jennifer Circle 
Aottvlttosi Winter Track 1i 
Drama Crew's Muslcali Ensemble 
Msmoriae! (5ym class with 
carms, Winter Track, Oliver the 
Musical, study wltti sam, English 
wltfi brett and steve, history 
wltSi andy always, ensemble with 
Erin, CG&P with Msi-lsh and 
my bestles brl and mel, NY Trip, 
and Greece with my f av ^is 
Jamie, Jackie and Mel 

Haydon Hoavnor 


5 1 Oakwood Avenue 
dchod ActMUoa: 

5oGG6r 1-4 

Mdmoriod! Good t;ime0 w/ 
friends. Pep rally night, Joes, 
poker all the time, halo and 
zombies wl Andy, Marlokart at 
Lewies, driving with Steve, bus 
rides home from games, madden, 
drWth^At]&\e tree, (Quarries, 
drawing w/ Charlie 5, Dans, 
ping pong, & HR 5112. 

19 Elizabeth i^oad 
ActavfttesI ^ACJ Select 
Vocal Ensemblei Musical 
Mdmorlod! Mr J^dams 
Classes sof^omore and junior 
year, Spac 07, Class of 
'0711, Josh M at 
Mr.&MHS, Mr.Gleason on 
■ttie bass at Spac s) E 
block studylllUI 

Qo<x'0» M Hooper 


Acttvltteel Handbell Choiri 

Memoriod! Handbell choir 
with the handbell heroes 
(you know who you are). 
Some sort of art class 
with Hough like every year, 
sick beats In World Music 
Drumming, and lots of other 
stuff from the other years 

K^Aiioon Hulohsn 

Jordan £ Hurldy 

Campbell Koad 
ActMttefll Soccer 1i 
Crose CoimUry 2-4J Winter 
Track 1 -4J Spring Track 1 - 
4; DECA 2-4 
Mamortefll Sy^i, Lou, & 
Nlc^uey. Derek anai the crew. 

Northf leW Mountain. New 
York xc trip. VBCA for life. 
The Pungeon. Movie nlghtg 
wfWi Andy & Charlie. Jena, 
my running companion. 
FVeshles v Sophies 

Chariio Hun 

56 Hi#i Street 
ActMHodl Newspaper* 
Spanleh-Italian ClubJ 
MomortodI The ClMc 
Movie nights wftti Jordan 
and Andy I II always 
reminisce on the great 
people that Ive come to 
known over the past 1 2 
years. Tliat is growing and 
learning togel^Ter. 

Mo^ HuKoy 

1 Astrlg Way 
ActivttSod! Cheerleadlngj 

MomoiiOdt Kelly s New 
Years, Derek s old house, 
Greg Burgers, Dans, 
MungleJuice 09, Homeroom 

' Hi.. 

Tinwthy J Huridy 


22 Arakellan Drive 
QckvxA hcASc/VSlo&i Baseball 
1-4; Basketball 1 
Memortodi E3-Josh, Derek, 
Wade, Dano, Fergs, fsarlm, 
Riccio. Devon, Surgery in 
Maine, Wade and his captain, 
An Wades cars, the hallway, 
Celts games with Josh, 
Annas, Danos tent parties. 
Baseball Season, Monster & 
Summer Jam, Class of 00 

Jeff A Hyman 

57 Mt. Pleasant Street 
Aottvltaeel School 
Committee; Handbell Choir 
MomorlOdr Junior year. Talent 
Show & Mr. Gleasons band 
ecrultlng me, I picked up the 
song as ciuickly as I could, a 
full 2 mln. of tmprov soloing. 
An excellent night & ihe 
rest of "ttie guys placed 
flawlessly despite having no 


Eria R Imbomono 

5 Tamarac 5\>r&&t 
Acttvtttofll fixture Teachers 
of Amerlcai AmanuensleJ 
National Honor SocletyJ 
WriUhTg Center^ Mock Trial 
Memorloal Post C Block talks 
with Ms. K.., Learning about 
literature and life from Ms. P. 
Homeroom 51 IS/3121, 
Time spent as valedictorian, 
Maintaining the book room, 
driving In wKh Rachel C. 

Mark M Inf sn0or 

27 Arrow Street 
Momorlod! Playing Risk club 
with Dr. Berry, parking over 
the line Into An'ttionys 
spot, and shouting Xh& 
praises of Andrew Jackson 
and Ronald Reagan. 

DstieSh G J&noe 


1 4 Llnnell Circle 
ActMHod! Soccer'i Tracki 
Writing Center 
MsmoriSd! Heather 
smooches O my better 
half, Kim and Michelle best 
friends. Dirty Rlc Forev^ 
:] Love You An, 09 

Ravlna K Jan^ 

Acttvtttea! NHSi Peer 
LeaderJ Writing CenterJ 

Momoriod! Life is all 
memory, except for the 
one present moment that 
goes by you so clulckly 
you hardly catch It 
going. - Tennessee Wllllama 

42 High Street 
ActMtaee! Pandi Tennis 
Momorloa! mytbSn^ w/band, 
back row Lehmans Physics, 
Michelle my bffl, the fi-ench 
Italian, chalkboard study, 
0(5s English, sharing chairs 
at lunch, Maczllla, 
Marlnaros English, tears of 
the Claris, mathrsheil, 
Desmonds History, locker # 

Implied 7 ^ 

Andrew Johnson 

Ryan W Johnson 

1 4 Ltea Road 
ActMttoe: SPAC; Writing 
Center f 5c\ewe Lea^J 

Momorioal Plrectlna ^AC, 
Mr. Veemande awesome 
cla00, Putting heade wfth 
Me. Petullo, Reconciling 
with Me. PetuUo, Great 
S&riar Lit Claee, you 
should be an engl^i major 

Alannah M Joyndr 

2 1 Glenvale Avenue 
ActtvittM: PECA 
Memoiidd! a-jeezy, a-con, 
klmbaland, k-paln. Fab 4. 
BeetfrlendeO. 24-hour 
dunking. Mr Desmond chasing us 
down the halL fi-lday Night 
Dinners. Pep rally nights. Semi, 
junior prom. Aleast you look 
cute. Arlington Heights. 
Memories that will last a 


3 Marlyn Road 
Aci;ivtl;iOd! Lacrosse 
MomortSd! t^ugs, aaa 

Kathloon M Ko60ein 

4 MoDonouah Way 
ActavtWod! Hockey 1 -4> 
VBCA 3-4 
MomoriOd! Fvkjay nl^h'td 
with Uie 0lrb, th& center, 
epontmeoue adveirturea, 
Atlanta, relay for life. 
Thanks for making the past 
four years fun, love you 

4 Hickory Lane 
ActavtttM: Football^ 

Momoriod! Han^In^ with 
l^e boys... Grizzly. 
Football all day every day. 
Saturday nights IdTat led 
to lazy Sundays and 
friends 'ttiat will last a 

Shannon KdQy 

Kldhan KhomraJ 

Patrick F. Kriff 


24 Mason Avenue 
Adavltles! Soccer j 
Spring Track 
Momorios! Lunches with 
Jermalne, Kjckin^ people 
down stairs, Sledding with 
Helders car, Homeroom 
Table, Anatomy bebi^ the 
hardest class ever, Com In 
Ms. (3reer s class, Justin 
and fslrsten In Spanish class 

Pdnld6 A LHdurdux 

29 Ironwood Street 
Momorlos! 1 11 never f or^t 
[\ellys house on New Years 
Eve or JlIIs house on Clnco 
Pe Mayo. My girls, love you 


02.5 3oeton Road 

Mdmorloe! beln^ on the Ice 
at 51 1 Sam for hockey 
practice and getting ready 
for pep rally v/lth Krtetyna 

77 Oy Elm Street 
ActMHsd! Footballj Lacrosse 
Monortefl! Chlllln with -tiie 
boys. Sandy Pond. Annas 
Hockey ^ames. Roadsodas 
with Lll Wayne & Pave. Pan 
&Jamle. Rerce. Ev-deslgns. 

Pasta Parties. Rocking 
bandanas with mkez. Shout 
out to zeek, thanks bro. Mom 
& Pad I love you, ■ttianks for 

John Lappor 

Nlcold M Ld^ianc 

Cinnamon Prlve 
AcHvlttes! Basketball 1-2 
MemoriesI Best friends, 
love you ^sl 24-hr 
Punkbis, They only had 
toltet paperl , random 
weekend nights, thatke 
Mom, Pad, & Alicia for 
helping me through It alL 
Seniors 091 Good luck 
everyone, Its been a good 
4 yrsi 


6 Weet Meadow Ism 
AsVMOoei 3aek&ti>d\ l-5i 
FootbaU 1; DECA 
Metnortoel Joe ve. Joe, Joe 
Roys Black Hair, English 
Movie Projects, Dan House, 
24 Hour Walmart, BalUn aU 
the Church, Wlffleball, 
Saturday Foo1*aI!, Late 
Dunklns Tripe and Night before 
Pep rally 

Kdlddy M Loonard 

1 5 MoGirmeee Way 
ActMttofll Volleyball 
MamortOd! De Cordova with 
)Iivla, Sam and PJ. Lax with 
Jackie and Jamie. IHCT wtth 
JlL Volle^all - Love you 
SO many awesome 
ttmes with Erica 

Emily P Uvin 

9 Austin Road 
ActMtled! Swfrnmlng/Plvtnai 
Winter Tracki Amanuensis 
Momorlee! Going to shows 
with Alex, Hurdles, Swim 
Captain with Jllllan, Rock 
the Wish, Destination 
ImaglNatlon, Carpe Diem, 
May your organs fall before 
your dreams fall yoa 

Connor W Ldwld 

Cornian Lew 
1 4 Biscayne Drive 
Actlvttied! Cross Country^ 
Winter/Spring Tracki 
Writing Center 
Momorlos! Winning the Cross 
Country IvlVCs sophomore 
year, and all the other ^ood 
times on the Cross Country 
team with Coach Bradford, 
the new coach. Coach 
Button, and all my friends 
and teammates. 

MiohadI Ldond 

CoQoon M Lodor 


33 Pdton Road 
ActMtiOd! Lacrosse 1 ,2,4 
MotnortoeH W© mads ft 091 
much love IkJ all my frlende 
especially my glrlsl kaeO 
cant forget garys, camp 
roy, cwv, beachin It all 
summer longi and everyttilng 
crazy thing Ive done wltii 
my bad mumzl good luck to 
everyone in 1*16 futurel 

42 Sachem Street 
Aottvtttoel Varsity 
MomotiOd! My dose friends. 
Cheerleadlng team and they 
all called me Dinky Boo. 
Never forget Mr. Gs class. 
Driving at 2 a.m lost with 
Mel G. Jackie Hogan, 
Victoria Lott and Dlanca 
Long plus dudley road Isnt 
such a 0ood Goni>\nab\on, 

Mary horde 

Victoria UW; 

Ariana I Lou^od 

Boston Road 
Aotivtnod! Socceri Orchestra^ 
Spring Tracki Amnesty Intnl 
ManortosI Getting to cafe 
wftti a friend during a 
Crucible night & making It back 
just In time, Imao with pals In 
physlcs,durlng physics, history 
upside-down & backwards- 
writing races, realizing 
chemistry Is In Qilnese, & 
seeing bad-funny Span^i skltsi 

42 Shawsheen Road 
Act;ivt1;i0& Soccer* Lacrossei 
Hockey i NHSi FTA 
MmioiiOd! Forgetting lacrosse 
goggles w/Jamie & Kelsey, 
CourtSiey s tattoos In Fliyslcs, 
bickering w/ Carmllla at lunch, 
Greece w/ K^lsey, Jamie, 
Megan & Victoria, OGs class. 
Real Worldl Macbeth at 
Erlkas & strawberry candles, 
■ttie fine Americans In 
Desmonds class. 

Morten M MacAtday 

50 Gllman Road 
Actlvlt;i0d! National Honor 

Momoriad! Three Years 
wH^ CharBe, meeting my 
friends, spending time at 
Chebeys locker, parking 
tSie Jimmy In 1 44, pasta 
bar, and Mr. Deasmonds 

&on4an J MacEachom 


35 1 Andover Road 
Actlvltios! freehmm ^ocf&o^ 
Winter Tracki Baseball 
Momoriflsl Hie (3aila Crew 
(finally got a door), fires at 
Cjs, Pretts Ipaeem&nl^, gym 
class with Pan ^..1*16 soccer 
fields II me and slay getting 
some donuts in don s truck. 
&jrkes Backyard BasebaL 
Lastly a c|.uick ^out out to 
my homeroom and Mr J- 1 

&ianna M Mahoney Krtetlna M Mahondy 

1 Meridien Way 

Actlvlttos; Varsity Sof1*aII 1- 
4* FVeshman DasketballJ 
National Honors Society 
Memories! Away game bus rides, 
practice after Haverhill game, 
2005 playoff run, Beeping at 
Chelmsf ordi Hanging out with 
Sarah, Jess, Derek, Lily, Panielle 
and Kelsey. Looking up (well I 
guess down) to my sister Ally 
every step off the way. 

1 (xjbblestone Way 
AotMtioel Orchestra 

Pyian MacAood 



3 Mary Road 

remembering iJhe ^eat 
times, fvmp&d sipouti th& 
friends Ive met ■through th& 
school years, who became 
best friends now. Never 
forgettlna about The Galla 
and Its countless memories 
t^iere. Loved pep rally days, 
spirit week, ^AC and Rock 
"nie Wish alsol 

Activities! Community 

2 Hunt Road 
ActlvttlOd! U&wepap&r') 
National Honor Society* 
Writing CenterJ SfAC 
MonorlOfll Playing In l¥HO 
wttSi CralgoJ the Pare Game 
and laying down sick beats 
with Stoffers, &jrkey, and 
Beez Ollveri Newspaper with 
Ty and Grimace* and searching 
for my Traabs Poy. I m glad 
were friends 

Alydha Marcantonhi 


43 Andover Road 
MoTWriee! My best friend,^ 
Alyssa Vietro, love youl 
Spldas. Pep Rally nights 
with the girls, did it snow ; 
outside?! Live & Love. 
AAA. Def eo. London & 
Paris 06. Sieila. Calif omW 
bounJ Fearless09. „we 
lived wftti passion. Stay 
Classy San Piego. 


46 Harjean Road 
Adavltaeal Basketball 1-4 
Metnortoek bestfrlends, love 
you girls, senior prom 03, 
amazing, pep rallies and spirit 
weeks, senior year w/ the 
basketball girls, good times. 
birthday weekend w/ kalt. 
andrea, since always, family 1 
love yoa goldenO 

MdUdda M Mazzotid 

253 Concord Road 
MomortoeH Csi>ma 
ipas^]&6/c^am girls, 
Chelsey s locker, my red bull 
addicUon, always driving 
around and singing, fires in 
■tiie summer, and doing 
nothing but always having 
tb& best time. TTiank you 
for making these years 
matter. 1 love you ail and 
good luck! 

Csmoron McCaDum Judtln McCarthy 

Ryan MoCoy 

Elizabeth M MoElIi^ 


g>5 Duifley Road 
AaVMOad 6PAC; Math 

Momortoe! KaUle, Sam, Erin & 
Lauren. Love yous. My gcwd- 
looklng lunch cLuail The Panleh. 
Homeroom. Whitney and Pllee. 
Italy 'O&I Perfect Cape 
Nights. Prom diate search, and 
Neck. Simply amazing four 

MichoOd McEwdn 

Ariol M McKdnru 

Country t Winter Tracki 

Momorioal Lake Wlwil, Cape, 
Chelmsford beeping, $3 
Monday, York Peach, 
Halo, Onr\eittr\aB In July, 
Peprally night, HR, rotarlan 
lunch, the ebMng pot, 
golfball, buttkjne, reijfeox 
parade, (5ym, 

Memorial Pay, Knuckleheade, 
OComore, slipping down ramp. 

Sara T McKoraioy 

3 1 Finev/ood Avenue 
Actlvltiod! Crewi 
Drama Club 
MomoriOd! Lauren - Lyeea 
Sammy Poo Ex Four Amy 
Provoke lovee forever Ann 
We make the beet movlea 
clearly Eric Piffles Punny 
JllUan Crlsten Okapl 
Samantha P I love all of you 
and the rest of the people I 
dldn t mention you guys still 
rock :-)! 

Evan J McLdod 

1 07 Lexington Road 
Acttvtttos: Football 2 
Momortoal My favorite 
memory of high school was 
sitting with my best friends 
before school started In ■ttie 
cafe and just talking about 
everything and anyttilng. My 
other favorite memories were 
sophomore year gym class and 
junior year study haH 

29 Donald Road 
Actlvlttee! Pandi Winter 

MomoriOd! Relationship with! 
Amanda Ai Math class 
w/Raohel P. I speak 
accountlngi Perry s &. Hlnesi 
class. Fooling around In band. L 
Art projects w/Luz. Talks 
w/Mr. Lewis In piano. Car 
rides w/Kaltlyn. Study jf • 
year. Pliyslcs w/Lehman. 
Greer s class. Riendships 

C^no^ory P Mdlau^ 

1 7 Champa Road 
Actlvlttefll Hockey* 

Memorteal Annas Tac^uerla, 
Air drying with Jim H, 
fi-ediman dance, Rres, 
Dartys, Pond Hockey, 1^ie 
locker room, golf ball rides, 
the Purllngton girls, Mr 
PHMS, offroadlng In the 
rodeo, the table group, value 
master, full speed dodges. 

Cameron Cariod Mdb 

60 Qiarme Road 

Varsity Hockey 1-4 
MemortosI A lot of good 
memories although some 1 
would like to forget* good 
times, too many to count 
Pe as you wish to seem - 

Pd1;or Mombrino 

3 Marehbrook Koad 

Jodhufl A Morcor 

55 Rogere Street 
ActMttoe; Football] 
haaroee&> Hockey 
Momoriflfll 1 2 Edgebaston, 
The f b-et car we rolled In the 
Cavy, Annas, Sweet 
DartIe0,The S-J-Merc, T- 
Rlch, Wade, Rlggle, Dan-o, 
Ferge, Karim, and Derek, 
Danoe tpe, D 

30 Enin^ood Avenue 
AtTtMtlde! Science Lea^J 
Peer Leader 

Momorlod! Theae four yeare 
would have been Incomplete 
without having the crazy, 
lunatic best friends that I 
have. 1 11 never f or^t when 
Anltha thought a cantaloupe 
was an animal. P.S. I love you 
class of OS and I wish you 
the best of luck. 

C^fo^ory C MoOldon 

5 CapVtam Way 
Memortea! Steve C. 
friends since preschool. 
Learning loops. Meatatarlans. 

Iviatts locker. Freedom 
March with Tom. Ireland with 
(syle. Sig-Craw. PubDc 
Speaking with the guys. 
Extravaganzas. Saflers 
class. P & D nights 

Coirt;n5y F Mdld 

Iwlomoridd! FVlday nights 
with my best friends 


AoiVMtHoei National Honor 

MomortOd! first day at 
DMHS freshman year. It 
was the scariest thing In 
■tiie world. And now 1^t we 
are seniors, I m really going 
to miss everyone and being 
at BMH6. I wish the best 
of luck to everyone for the 

iKomad J MuDon 

Pr, Drtlllano& 
44 Nolte Road 
Acttvtttofll JSA 
MomoriOd! Locker Games, 
Matt Ps locker In ^mrai, 
being a general rabble-rouser, 
debate, fighting the power, 
supporting Ron Paul, gaining 
the ability to fly, seeing 
more and more oppression, 
protecting my rights, and 
bread demon/lunch, good 

Shauna H Murphy 

Bennett Circl© 
SdKX)! ActMttesI Cross 
Country* Lacrossei Track* 
Student GovernmentJ 
NHS* Peer Leader 
Memorieal I Love my XC 
Glrlsl 4th m PIV 1, K^p 
It upl Malorle Ulcena, ^est 
fi-lends for llf el 3 AmlgasI 
Lax Girls, Dunks Crew, & 
All the rest of my best 
<3. Class of 09, Id miss 
you alll 

Waite J Murphy 

1 1 Shady Hill Avenue 
Momortee: TVieSDfsT- 
Mercjsarlm, and Rlgglemare) 
1 2 Edgebaston, Cavy 
R.If<3, always late for • 
everyttilng, annas tac^uerlai 
fun times with morgan, 
tent parties, Maine with 
the guys, reeb, the letter 

Kridtdn E Murray 

1 6 Todd Lane 
Actlvlttofll Cheerleading, 
Captain 1-4;PECA3-4 
Mdmoriod! my creww, you 
made high school what It 
should be<3 the early 
days at Pis s, new years 
OS at kel s, pregaming at 
Jill s every weekend, 
PanO s tent parties what 
do we care all mungled up In 
00, crulsbi w/ bob., my 
girls, thanks..OneLove. 


22 1 Pond Street 
ActtvttaeflJ SoccerJ NHSJ 
Science League* 
Math League 
MdRioriOd! The Legendary 
fist Pump win live on. 
Great friends and awesome 
teachers. Class of 09, 
show your movesl 

Jordmy Naary 


1 9 Perreault Avenue 
ActMUod! V^tGweee 1 -2 
you all. You glrle made me 
realize ■that 1^111130 «fo chan^ 
but the memories last a 
lifetime. Always In my heart. 
Pep Rallies, Costa Rica trip 
Feb 07- Pura Vkial, Anlket P 
Classmates & my ^Irls- 1 love 
you. BMH5 has been ^ood to 
us an, It Is home and 1 II miss it. 

1 S Cobblestone Way 
ActMttfldI basketball 1i 
Football 1 
idomortoel Han^ with all my 
friends. Pep rally sleepovers 
at Joe s. Spirit week was 
sick. Loved performing In 
^AC and everyone In It. 
Monday Nl^t Bowling. 
Movies with Jordan and 
Charlie. Eat Off vs. Jena. 
Hl^ School was amazing 

Haby A Nolan 

1 Pondover Road 


Basketball 1-4 
Memoiisd! Basketball ^Is - 
love yousi awesome seasons. 
Pep rallys, proms, fun & 
crazy nights. Always love 
my girlfriends, you never fall 
to make me smile. My 
hlghschool love. Thanks Mom 
& Dad. '09, thanks for 
some fun years, 1 II miss 

KaMyn Norman 

%]e0dk)a E Nugont 


20 Trifiro Road 
AdSvtttoa! Yearbook, Editor 
Memorlod! Jess LO Blanca L 
Math class all 4 yrs & 
HiroshI from Mrsfs Class & 
sprite bottles<5 Best 
friends with Ashley C,Soph. 
and junior year, O Michelle 
P. Im going to miss youl 
DrlanO unforgettable 
memories with youO Ily. 

HoDy JO^Ionld 

4 Mount Pleasant St. 
Adavttldd! U&wepaper'f 

Momorlod! My beat 
frleide & better halves, 
Junior PromI, Night School 
buM&e, Mr. L & 
newspaper kkfe, wlW 
weekends, trips to ^oeton, 
Summer '07 & '06. 

JiNia WO&ion 

Actavrtawt basketball 1i 
Varsity Cross Country* 
Varsity Winter Tracki 
Varsity Spring Track 
Mdmorlod! XC van rides, P 
ea^usnr&d, h^C champs, 
momdnock, lake wlnnl, memorial 
day weekend O&tharke 
Jennatn&, nl^ts at Dans, 
running companions, dying Joes 
hair, QirislSnas w/ arlel, the 
fij,uarrl6s, food eating contest, 
APK, bad dawgs, Joe D I love 

Panldl L OCoiwor 

4 Pay Street 
AottvittesI Footballi DECAi 
Motnortoei Th& S- DanO J- 
Merc Wade Tim Rlggle Fergs 
Rarlm Dk, 1 2 Edgebaston, 
Parties, Tent Party, TVie 
cavy, Annas Tat^uerla, Pasta 
Parties, Throwing, Hampton 
06, TB&J, Kels on New 
Years, I dont event care Its 
summer, Sandy Pond 

3m\dcK[ J&moe Oliver 


htfCfNWibei foci\A?d]j LaorosseJ 
Cross Countryj Track* PECAi 
NHS] School Committee 
MdmorlOd! Good times w/(5alla 
crew, fires at CJ s, chilling In 
bretts basement, Croke the 
best partner and scattagorles 
opponent ever, Festlvus and 
■ttie Distance runs wfHi 'ttie 
track boys, the Whitehorse, 
•ttie heart to hearts, and NINE 
on Sunday mornings 

5 Vasa Street 
AottvlttfisI y&ceVCf^ Socc&r') 
Community Service Clubj 
Environmental Club* Yearbook 
Momtxioei My soccer girls 
are going to be nise&d. fijn 
bus rides, pasta parti&e, 
sleepovers, & scavenger 
hunts. Rain or shine we gave 
1 1 0% until the final whistle 
was blown. We all came 
to0&th&r as a family. Cant 
forget about Al our # fan. 


1 Tomahawk Prlve 
Ac*Mtt90l Wrestling 
Memorloe: Shmg, HP, My 50, 
Steve, Captain America, Reh, i 
Dutch, Delmo, Sani^, Ryan, 
Caaam, Arctic Survival, Tom, 
Dan, Chris, Greg, barratta, 
Hanlon, Eric Imbomone, Macd^ V 
Austin, Ravi, Arplne, Kevin Sa i 


Anltha S Ocmnon HV 

39 LdxJn^n Koad 
ActM/ttoel Science Leagued 
Math Lea0j&f Dramai 
Peer Leader 
Momoriod! Senior year wltti 
all the beetteel (3 tlmeg iv/ 
Nllam since 0th ^a^tel In^llan 
Idol in Me. KjIIeene. Mominge 
In the caf el Fnjn times with 
my Leo0 and my hom&room 
buddleel 3u& rldee vvltti Sana 
OI (3onna miss aD the fun 
times throu^out the 4 yrsl 

Taylor J (Vdrton 

20 Woodcllff Drive 
Actavttteal Softball] Orchestrai 

MmnoriOd! Not Hiroshima Memah, 
Willys grilled cheese, Tresa & Erin 
any stories? Orchestra love, Feel 
■ttie rotation Pridg BMHS 
Skatm^ Team 09, 3 1 43 Prett 
& Jin you made it amazing. I II 
keep all of these forever & a 
lifetime. My loud family, I love 

JiDlan M Pa]0d 

1 9 Varna KosA 
ActMtlOd! Bt\0&nM&i 
Onorve'} GSA'i Drama QubJ 
Spaniah/Itallan Club 
IvWtofl: &-ett P., Mr. 
Ga^on, Lindsay F, The Kjn^ 
Sta^ cast, Zack M, Moose, 
C5el L, Tommy B>, Mr. Landry, 
Ensemble Snobs, Samantha 
S, Taylor Ooooo, rehearsals, 
Katarlna Kjtty-Kat meow, 


26 Kenmar Drive 

Tracki Soccer^ PECA 
Memortefll I want to 
■thank my frtends for •the 
crazy fun memories ■that 
will stay with me for the 
rest of my life. Good luck 
to everyone in the future. 
To everyone! De a whote 
person, a unlc^ue In^ilvkiual 
not half of someone else. 

H Paiwitd 

1 Jon Mar Road 
ActMttoal Foo1*aII 1-4 
Momorloe! Football, Grizzly, 
han^ln^ at J-K,oys and 
Gozzos pad octosack 
and the best friends Ive 
ever had. 

Lauron M PartdO 

39 Pudley Road 

Aottvtttoa: peca; 

Peer Leaders 
Momorloe! Vegas with my 
Rrst Place at PECA 
Nationals, Atlantal Mom, 
Jenn killed my car. FVione 
time with Liz. Hie clWc. 

Cafthdrind Pdruidttoi Angola f&iioreon 


1 5 Christina Avenue 
Actlvt1;iOd! Drama Clubi 
Select Vcxjal Ensemble 
MotnotiOd! Any year of 
Spanish class, once on tSiIs 
Island, modem amerlcan 
history, fetal pl^s, •ttie kln^ 
stag, JlII P, Taylor 0, Ann A, 
Lauren M, Sam S, Alslinn S, 
Jenny S, Gel L, Tommy 
Lindsay Lisp, Zach M, Ivis. 
PetuIIo, Mr. G, Ms. Y, and 
Coach Rynn. 

Matt; Potnponl 

<d Cinnamon Drive 
I Mflmortofll Hie Locker. XC. 
ixto^vaganzal Pread DemonI 
Techno raves. Coher\> 03. 
'/ieta|:^orlcaIly Speaking. Ron 
''aull Abbot & Costello: 1116 
' fl^tJ Im not amused, 
peatman Jdin. Ivieatatarlanl 
jOTiy. The Luzlnatorl The Map 
: Game. Mass Hysteria. T}ie 
■Mach 5. TVie Game. DONEI 

CMn £ f ov/dr 

40 Ellln^ood Avenue 
AotMtlOd! Yearbooks 
Writing Centeri DECA 
Memortost Dinner Dates 
with Corey, Jac, and 
Preston. Football games 
with ^Is Freshman 
year. Good times with 
the Au^ta s crewl 
Always and forever Corey. 

Jin J Powers ^ 

44 Treble Cove Road ' 
Memortofll My girls, I love \ 
you so muchlll Clnco de 
Mayo 07, Mungle Juice 
09.always, one love. DK.S 
old house, Dan s house, 
Mlchaela & Jordan, New 
Years 07, Devon s New 
Year fall 0&, Vanch with 
kel >), Mewwy&Jiwwy 09 


4 Rlverhuret Roa^i #526 
Ac1;iv11;iOd! Pand 1 J Peer 
L&ad&r 3-4j Newspaper 3 
Momorlo^ Nebraska, 
Taxaohuee'tta, freshman year, 
Dan the Man Pelrlne, gcx?d 
friends, spirit week, Halloween 
2007, ma-tti test anxieties, 
Mr. Desmond, Viva la FVance, 
pop (5|,ulzzes stink. Junior 
English, Ice Storm of 200^, 
Greece, GraduatlonCoHe^e 

Amarvia N Rapodo 

46 Talbot Avenue 
Aottvlttee: DECA 2-4; Mock 
Trial 4; Yearbook 4] National 
Honor Society 3-4; Soccer 
Memoriee! Vegas w/ my ^Is, 
dancing on stage wH^ Calttei 
and Alannah, shoes pla^ng 
music, crazy talks In Pych. w/ 
Mr. Carey, and th& amazing 
tripe we have for DECA, oh 
yeah and those long waits for 
the elevators. Those were funi 

Nikkl Rddloiv dhaivn K Rlcdo 

20 Chester Road 
AcHvlttoel Orchestra 3-4; 

FoofcbaU 3-4 
Memcttioei I dont even care. 
Its summer; Annas; 
Sandy Pond; Greg 3ut^re'i 
1 2 Edgebaston St; Danos 
tent parties; Isels New Year 
07; Karlms basement; 
Munglm Cruise 06>; Tims 
Maine; Pasta Parties; Weezy 

Laura M Kjdt^dnaud 

ActtvttaMt Volleyball] Mock 
Trial] Daeket^all] Softball li 
Swimming 3J Lacroeee 2-4 
HamfrCon'OCDanos Tent 
Party,Ma66 Pestructlon, 
razy Tfrnee. EuropePetentlon. 
Padame. Pelrtne Partleee, 
Sle^yina'OS.TlTanke For 
Everyttilna, Mom,Pa<iStet6r0 
£AL)^alIey J-^amllleToujoijre. 
O 1 Love You An. 


Momorioal ESO, Akereon 
picnica, 1 2 Ed^ebaeton, 
IDEC, The juice belrig worth 
the a^ueeze, Joehe surgery 
in Maine, Wade and hte 
captain, BBB, Karlm the 
fireman, Hampton 06, 


&ian R Rochd 

1 7 Fahey Way 
Acttvtttefl; Football 1-4; 
WreetlhTg 1 -4* Lacrosse 1 - 

MdtnorlOd! Saturday morning 
practices, the Bishop 
(3uertln game, cutting 
weight for wrestling, hanging 
with ■ttie boys, and all the 
fun times wftti my girlfriend 

Erin K Rochd 

1 4 Sergl Lane 
Actlvfttofll Select Vocal 
Ensemble] Chorus 
Momorlod! The Harmonious 
Styllngs of Sam and Llzl 
SPAC '03. Junior From! 
Delly Busters with Mat Pi 
Liz, Jamie, CarmlUa, 1 love 
you all! Child growth with 
Taylor and Theresa. Onorm 
with Liz M. & prison trails 
picnici Pig llz Pigl NYC. 
Italyl Love you Steven P. 

50 Lexington Poad 
ActMttee! Orchestra] 
(5SA] FTA] Prama Club] 
MemorlOdl My greatest 
memory Is going to New York 
w/ orchestra and ensemble. 
The funniest thing was, both 
times our bus broke downl 
The biggest thing I m going to 
miss Is my close friends, and 
the great times with the 
orchestra and drama club 

AaVM\Stoei Swlmmln^/Plvliigj 
Prama Club* Muelcala 
Momorlod! The RoulJc War 

Joeofh M Roy 

35 Concord Road 
Actavlttoel Basketball U 
Baseball 1 
MomoriOd! Joe vs. Joe, Camp 
Roy, Quarries, Church BallliT, 
Poker Ni^ts, Football 
Saturdays, Dans House, 
Wlffleball at Klelth's, Tlie Cape, 
pointless nl^ts of driving around, 
peprally night, Punklns at 1 , 
Haiders basement, Monday nl^t 
bowling, hom&room 

Rachel V Roy 

47 Cook Street 
rip FNP, Linds Amb CocoJ 
lovealwaysl garys, Costa 
Rica 07 , bootin In 1*6 
blaze, ■ttie jade night, Jacob, 
WlIlardLove, th& cn&ee. 
throu^veryt^lng, llyguys. 

Evsn T Rikiomon 

72 Andover Road 
Aotavttloe: Track 
MdtnoriOd! Track practtces 
and meets, Ivlr BMHS, 
f ooi*alI games. 

AlUdon Rudg 

Kbnborfy Runkb 


25 Cheeter Road 
ActMOod! Paeeballi Track 
MomorlOd! Juraeelc Park 
wfth Mrs. Foley, Saturday 
football gean&e, ebayhg after 
with Mr0. Hbiee until 6, 
•ttiat one cafeteria chair.. 

1 1 (3llman Road 
ActMtied! Math Leaguej 
Science League 
MrnnorlOd! I remember that 
on prom night of junior year 
aome of my friends and I 
went over Austin e house 
for a Super Smash Brothers 
&-awI tournament. It was so 
much more fun than any of 
us would have had at prom 

Sarah K Saivydr 

1 4 Branch Street 
AotMttofl! Basketball 1 J 
JV Volleyball 1-2 
Memorioel Fun times with 
all of my friends who I will 
never forget. I will miss 
everyone so muchl 

Maria R Sabm 

3 Yasa Street 

AcAMtHoeH Ensemble^ Musicals^ 


Memortes: Ollverl Hood 97S, 

Z. Randall Su-oope Magnificat. 



1 8> Puncan Drive 
Momorloe: Foley 5 1 45. 

mmyjly^el, the crutee, 
camp roy, homeroom repi 
love 09 . puravkkl 

Gary M Shoa 


S6A Shaweheen Roa^i 
ActtvtttOflt BaekettTall 1 -A\ 
Daeeball 1-4; Golf \-A\ 
Momorlflfll Painting 1*ie 
che0t w/ the ^0 on 
tharke^^hg, SnackShack w/ 
Nicks and Nlel, RresIII, Shout 
outs to JSlay, "VSnsi^, 
Nicks, IsrlstenM, and the 
fft-s cr&w!V[\arke far 
everything Mom and Dad 
love yas. 

72 Wlbon Street 

Joneitllnsn C Sibort 


1 2 Lasallette Road 
MomoriOd! Its been the 
greatest four years wf\^ 
my hl^ school sweet heart, 
love Rachel C always & 

thoroea M Skfrinor 

1 05 Nashua Road 
ActlvttlOd! Spanteh-ltallan Club 
1 -4; Yearbook 3-4 
MomoriOdl Mai-lnaroa en^lleh 
com5r..th6 court will dtereepect 
ul..0ophomor6 math wit Jojo.. 
room..Qlff the 
pl3..prom..^AC.,chlU growth 
(Stdevelopment wit Erin n Taylor 
.^/o n partl660..<C35 x 
Infinity n beyon^lll 

Choldoy C SordoOo 

4 Clermore Road 
AcHvttlM! Soccer 1 * Croee 
Country 2-4* Indoor Track 
1 -4; Outdoor Track 1 -4 
Ivlomorlod! Lunch c|,uad, 
elgnlf leant other, eg a, 
roadtrlpe, freehalwaye, fi> 1 , 
fo00, blolo^ to htetory, 
capecod wltii Jlllan 

Hdfli^hor Smith 

Momortflsl Kelly house on 
New Years 9 AM cleaning 
wake ups at Kele and 
Ceejs Bermuda 03 Costa 
Rica 07 Dan s house the 
thugs Halloween 00 at 
isatles Heart to hearts 
with Pan Homeroom wftti 
Mr. Carey The a\mn]&e 
Dan's fake laugh Mr BMHS 
Summer 'Og> 2009 
always O 

Jamo6 M Saroneon 

ActMttoel Football 1-4, 
Captain 4J Paeeball 1 -4, 
CapiiaSn A) Track 3 
Mdmorieel I ^iont ©ven 
car© Its summer. FVkiay 
Night Lights. Locker 
Room Lau^. Hey 
Iviama. Hey Now, Hang 
a Rope. Whats 
the Deaf?" 

An0»lino L dorm 


34 Dlcknen Road 
ActMttesI Science Leagued 
Ma1^ League] 
National Honor Society 

Mdlin4a dorm 

Jonnlfdr L Soroka 

Margaret Lane 
Aottvlttoel Tennte 3-4J 
Musical 4J Chorue 1 ,3-4 
MdRioriOd! I had an Amazing 
year with 'ttie cast of 
B&IB. Tennis girls, I love you 
and good luck next yearl I il 
never forget being hypnotized 
at the hypnotist show. My 
experiences wltti BMHS 
wer© the best four years of 
my life. 

St&f^ A Soroka 

9 Margaret Lane 
Aottvtttofil Math League 
4; Varsity Wrestling 2-3 
h^lonortefll HP, Hab 3, 
Matt, xWarthog, Maocle, 
Hampton Hous© R©©kag©, 
Lunch, Qiemlstry Class, So 
far away..., Mr. Cohen, 
Austin, Ravi, F\evtn Sa 

Anttjony P. Sponoor Jrffroy Sponcor 

42 P6ac6 Street 
Acttvll;!^! Science Lea^'t 
Math Lea^ei Orcheetrai 

MomorlM! Andrew Jackson. 
Making Halo Macbeth movie. 
5o\&nc& h&aap& In April, Playing 
Rtek w/ Pr. Derry and friends 
Weds. Stuff eald during tennte 
I make more money than your 
parents! VAssk Inf anger parking 
over the line and In my iparVSm/^ 
spot everyday 

S^Sw^nBtdi^ Steak Kromona I Stophanova 

35 Passwood Avenue 
Actlvttlod! Swim Team 
Momorlod! Mrs. Jdianssons 
homework (Questions, Mrs. 
Hamllns endless homework, Mrs. 
Jerrys hand-waving, Ms. PetuIIo, 
painting the mural In Mrs. 
Dojarskls room with Lllla, Ms. 
Griffin cool beansi, staying up 
all night to write papers, Ms. 
Greer, Mr. Relss really long 

Samantha J dtaDcor 

236 Salem Road 
A(;1;ivindd! National Honor 
Socletyj Peer Leader 
Momoridd! Ms. ODonnells class 
& Spice Girls Macb&th. Every 
year of Spanish class. Ms. 
f&Moe class & her Insights. 
Sup ayceemac. Drett & JllL 
Mr. Caldwells class with 
Drldgette. To Write Love On 
Her Arms. Spirit Week. Pest 
friendsi new and old. 


90 FWfale Avenue 

Acttvtttflfl: peca; nhs; 

Peer h&suA&r's Literary ClubJ 
Chemte'fcry Qubi Lacrosse 
Mditiorteal Placing first at 
PECA Nationals, Atlanta Gal 
Vegas w/ my PECA glrlsl 
Germany fresh, yr w/Madellne. 

Crazy times with Cat baby. 
Killing Laurens car at Qro\U6 du 
SoIelL Lexington w/Alycla since 
6th gra<:te. Anna s w/Nlk. & 
Dubby Lou 

Aima I Stopper 

1 1 Cinnamon Prtve 
ActMttOfl! Varsity (5oIf J 
Spanish Italian Club 
MomoriOfll Insights with 
Ms. PetuIIo. IvlaJang 
StatesI Mmmm Spanish 
Italian Club q^uesadlllas- so 
funi Watching the 
crazlness In HR. Spirt 
Week- Go 20091 

TyliM- M St;off ore 


1 Cinnamon Prlve 
Actlvlttoat Varsity Soccer 1 - 
4; JV PasketbaU 2; PECA 
MomorlOfll NPA finals with my 
brother, MVC Qiamps 06, 
Bejan HousehoU, Andrea, Peat- 
boxfrig an^i Pare game w/Justln, 
Tom & Brandon, PECA w/ 
Scott and Elmore, Wobum 
Foreign Motors, Sleepless Junior 
yr w/Pan and Brandon, 2 for 
•ttie buffet w/Joe and the g-bus 

Charilo J 5ivodntv) 

1 3 Reyes Road 
IvlomoriOd! Transferring < 'i: 
AC. Reuniting wfrti olds 
friends. 5 years wftti 
Morgan. Qielseys lockerr 
Strawberry mlttc and myy 
lunch la^^. The yeEow 
folder. Prawfrig wftti Mr.' 
Adams and B. Heldah. Tti; 
Tomahawk Chop. Spot 
number 56 

1 6 Brookslde Prlve 
Actlvtttoal Mock Trlali 
Newspaper* NHS 
Memotiodt Junior yr. we parked 
on Good Street, it was snowing. 
Brendan M. and I started going 
down the hlll to my car. I fell, 
sliding all ■ttie way down almost 
into someones car. He was 
lau^Tlng so hard that when he 
came down the hlll, he slipped, 
almost falling down the hllL 

Ryan Talntdr 

Alyda Taranl 


54-9 Dog-Con Road 
Acttvtttflel Foat*alU 

Momorlod! dilate 
Championship, Mr. DMHS, 
Sandy, Spb-lt Week RJf , 
mkez, matJfcy, pete, ettove, 
©v-d, Z66k, bumpfri weezy all 
night, new years at keis, 
call, zanks with rlggle 


1 7 Dlllerica Avenue Ext 
MomortOd! My surrogate 
homeroom 3111, 
countless laughs at lunch, 
and the mornings spent at 
&1tt (5s and Drl Ds 

CaitnlQa L Tonor 

2 Lilac Road 
ActMtlOflJ Track 1-21 
Orchestra 1-4i 
MotnotiOd! Meeting Megan 
FVesh. Year. Amy & Pad Day 
walking to track. 5af ler s Class 
w/ Jamie, Erin & Allex. Careys 
Class w/Mellssa, my twlnl 
Anatomy w/TwInkle, Amanda, 
5o\ma\0, Jamie & Erin. O 
Orchestra w/ Jamie, Joey & 
Taylor. Lunch w/ Jackie. 

Tyler Tripodi 

damuol Torrtco 

Sammy T 
66 Osk Sl^reet 
Aottvlttodt Football 1 i Paaeball 
1 1 Indoor Track] OiiMoor Track 
MomorlM! Gallal, KeBye new 
years, ^ett a+maditen, 
Hockey ■tournmen't, dtetanc© 
rungi, Dan a house, The epoU, 
beach day, 'ttie galla olymplca, 
vermonU, han#ig out at keve, 
valentines day,UMASS a 
bad place, hanging out with 

Porok M Trunfto 

S Siawnee Circle 
NAkmoi, Wrestling, 

Memoiidd! The Jsennedy 
Crewl Old and new, Kyle S 
eleepovere, Stefan T. laugh 
tin 1 cry, KLevln M. 
Boardln^oamplng, Hayden H. 
long daye, Colin W. treehouse, 
Sam E. long talks, Jarek M., 
Dave M. napping, Garrett Y. 
Senior Year, Matt 0. 
Wrestling. My Famllyl 

Mdorio E Ubdna 


8>54 Boston Road 
AottvrBflfll Orchesls^ Peer 
Leader] Cross Counls^J 
Winter Track* Spring Track 
Momorlod! Good times during 
XCI, Division 2 MYC Champs 
2007 0-1, 4th m Division 
1 State Meet & Sth @ All 
States, ■ttie Pack, fun times 
In The Dungeon, Walden, love 
you guys, fijnny times In class 
and friends I II miss It alll, we 
finally made It guys, good luckl 

15 Albion Road 
AotMtteaJ Hockey] Socce • 
Track] Writing Center't feitr 
Leader] National Honor 

Memoried! Too many G tW; 
with my boys and gals 


Potdr M Yacca 

1 Hannon Koad 
Acttvttlodi Lacrosedi Hockey 
Motnorioei 1 leave my HR 
comer to anyone that thlnke 
they can live up to It. Also, 
beet paper ba^ lunch to anyone 
that wants to try to rise to 
•ttie occasion. Lastly, MRRRR. 
&MH5I To every ^ out 
there that thinks t*iey have 
what It takes to live the life 
of a kln^ and take on the 

31 Ellot Street 
MomoriOd! (3lrb, we made 
Itl wholbe boyfriend, love 
you. Oh my guwad Alyshal 
House parties. AAA. 
Wadlel^h Falls '05-0&. 
Pef eo. Pep Rafly & PromI 
Happiness Is just outside 
my window. Stay classy 
San Plego. 

52 Hamilton Avenue 
AcAMttoei Qaee 
Secretary} Student 
GovemmentJ Newspaper* 
Peer Leader 
MsmotiOd! Always 
remember love, Im glad were 
all friends, LlvelnLove, and 
our Saturday nl^ts. Thanks 
for everytfibia Mom&Pad. 
Love youl 



27 Skylme Drive 
Acttvtttofll Softballi SoGO&r's 
Amanuenslsj NHS 
Metnotleel I remember early 
morning and late afternoons 
In Genetics, han#ig out with 
the D. melanogaster. 1 11 
fondly remember the 
hundreds of ridiculous Inside 
jokes between my friends and 
I and lau^Ttng hysterically at 
every SPAC. 

damuol J Waidh 


1 5 Marlyn Road 
Activities! Baseball 
MMnorles! Got^a love 

Pard L Wanamalcor 


Momoiiod! &6ln^ enltch on 
for ualng the gal roomi beet 
mat^J 53 ^leepover ernmer't 
psnpali meltesa feet* Jfe 
hate Crimea &Sra K K^. 

&hl0 b&aVm^} Uay d 
candycome, mddJ thanke f or 
the beet years of my life, 1 
mean ■ttiat. 

Otv\e/^kJj;hor C Ward 

3 5ohoohoue& I-ane 
ActMUed! Class Treasurer, 

Memotidd! Freshman year 
fl^t over a dumb chair, 
snowfl^ESH, Monster 
Ener^, E-brake, Mr. DMHS, 
Dance-off s, Mr, Adams Pesk, 
Ditties, SLOWRIDE, Pura 
Yldal, Homeroom family, N. 
Fazio, Sarah M<3 

Kan;(yn WlDiatnd 

Lauron M Wolte 

49 New Foster Avenue 
Acttvlttofll Volleyball 1-4; 
Winter Track 1-4; 
Softbafl 1-4 
Memorteel Homeroom 3 1 54 4 

all of our new teaohere 
almost every year. Snow baD i 
fl^ts In the halls and the 
dance off s were fun to 
watch. Ditching Coach Bynne i 
Gym with Alyssa T. to go 
to Coach Polans class to 
play badminton. 

Laura £ WdUattid 


3 Heron Lane 
ActtvtttM! Volleyball V, 
Paaketball 1-4; Softball 
MomorlOd! ^adketball 
(3lrl0<3 Love you eXlDadame. 
never f orgotJten.Hampton 
'06.New Yeare Eve '07 @ 
Kelly C'0,Co0ta Rloa 07 
Pura V]da.GeWr]0 activities 
done with my girls 1 love you 
000 muohh felrlne 
Partlee-Homeroom 3 1 54 

Angola M Wllaon 

1 1 Sewell Street 
ActlvttlOd! Laoro0e&f 
Community Service 
Momortofll Com. service 
Chanc6.Iove.cant forget 
THUGS Soph. yr. Alysea 
v.alway0loveyoa 3 1 54. 
loveyou nana mum dad 

Gene^ M Youn^ 


1 6 (3ood Street 
MwnorlOfll Good times with 
my best friends. Biday 
Night Bowling Crew, 
biff chur, my wife Kalt D, 
pep rally nights & 24-hour 
dunklns. Mom and dad, 1 love 
yoa Nicole LI cousins , 
best friends. &-ee Meg 
M, Sarah K., fav. 
sophomores. Alex K, my 
sister. Love yous 

Rachdl Zlzza 

& Karl Prive 
Actlvlttofll Crewi National 
Honor Society 
{viemoried! An amazing prom 
with Anthonyl All 1*ios6 
crazy AP English 
cla0ses...Ms. Petullo and Ms. 
ODonnell Building the lego 
Eiffel Tower for Mr. Kles. 
And the Little Prince 

1 2 Patrick Avenue 
ActMHod! ColorguardJ 
Wlnterguardi Tennis* NHSi 
Peer Leaders* Science League 
Mwnortoe! Band/guard 99s, 
f oott'all, competitions, rally-l 
love you Kellyi Wftiterguard 
glrlsl Spice Girls Macbet^i, 
files, CllfKpIg), Vietnam DB(3, 
Ms. OGs class, penny war, 
^AC, tennis, locker 410, 
HR, amazing teachers and 
people. Good Luck to everyonel 

Kevin Baroni 

Anastasia Bucknam 

Mary Lordes 

beiby Rcrtures 

Austin Arroco 

Amanda Beale 

Emily Bums 

Erika Ciccariello 

Ann Arsenault 

Kirsten Arsenault 

Bridgette Berg 

Samantha Brangiforte 

Ian Burns 

Erica Caliendo 

Craig Cincotta 

Kaitlyn Clericuzio 

Amanda Allen 

Briana Bemyk 

Matthew Cataldo 

Patrick Colebos 

Anitha Commen Bridget Connell Derek Corcoran Ashley Crider Olivia D'Allesandro Briana Dalton 

Shauna DeDomenico Keith DellaPorta 

Kaitlyn DeMattia 

Kim DeMattia 

Amy Desantos 

Stacy Deveau 

Allison Geronulis 

Steven Ellis 

Jamie Fallon 

Nikki Giatas 

Amanda Diamond 

Matt Fogerty 

Joanna Doyle 

Kristina Ducey 

Carissa Forte 

Melissa Ericksmoen 

Melanie Harrington Brianna Hartery 

Devon Hatch Christopher Hauser Megan Healy 

Jaki Hogan 

George Hooper Jordan Hurley 


Rahul Jain 

Dani James 

Ravina Jangra 

Lindsay Jenkins 

Timothy Hurley 

Keric Kelly 

Kiohan Khmeraj 

Matt Langill 

Michael Leone 

Nicole LeBlanc 

Emily Levin 

Brendan MacEachern 

Alex Machado 

Brianna Mahoney 

Kevin McCluskey 

Elizabeth McEUigot Ariel McKenna 

Sara McKenney 

Lauren Meirill 

Nilam Mistry 

Tommy Mullen 

Shawna Murphy 

Amber Nelson 

Haley Nolan 

Katelyn Norman 

Jessica Nugent 



Holly O'Blenis 

Matt O'Connell 

Jena O'Brien 

Brandon Oliver 

Kirsten Olsson 

Taylor Overton 

Cat Pendleton 

Jillian Paige 

Lauren Parise 

Dan Pelrine 

Hasna vSaiisi 

Maria Salem 

Theresa Skinner Aislinn Smith 

Kyle Smilii 

Chclscy Sordcllo 


Anna Stepper 

Jennifer Strauss 

Matthew Sweeney 

Amy Tibbetts 

Garett Young 

Samantha Stalker 


^ Most School Spirit: ^ 
Dan Pelrine and 

Shauna Murphy 

IVIost Academic : 
Alyssa Young and 
Eric Imbornone 

IVIost Argumentative: 
Ryan Johnson and 
Kaitlyn DeMattia 

Best Instrumentalists: 
Michelle McEwen and 
Jeff Hyman 

Most Artistic- 
George Hooper 
and Molly Walsh 

Best Smile: 
Derek Riley 
and Nicole 


Class Couple: 
Matt Cataldo and 
Olivia D'Alessandro 

Best Actor/Actress: 
Brett Peterson and 
Emily Burns 

Class Flirts; 
Matt Ferguson 
and Megan Hurley 


Life of the Party: 
Dan Pelrine and 
Katie Croke 

Most Likely to 
Alyssa Young 
and ^ 
Brandon Oliver 

Best Lool<ing: 

Jeff Spencer 

Amber Nelson 

Tom Burke 

Best Dressed: 

Garret Young and Alannah Joyner 

and Kirsten 

Best Singer: 
Maria Salem ^ 

Justin Maillet 



Song: A Milli- Lil Wayne 

Music Video: Womanizer- 
Britney Spears 

Musical ArHsh Lil Wayne 

School Lunch: Chicken PaHy 

Teacher: Mr. Carey 

Class: English 

Place to hang Ouh Friend's house 

Movie: Batman: Darknight 

Restaurant: The Ninety-Nine 

T.V. Show: Family Guy 

Athletic: Jacoby Ellsbury 

Actor/ Actress: Mark Wahlberg 

Radio Station: Jamin' 94.5 

Clothing Line: Abercrombie and 

Sports Team: Boston Red Sox 
Book: Twilight 

Ser^ior Ce)>>eiiels 


Taking the 
7 days 


classmen t 
take you 
2 weeks 

Awciui Alnl:ill:i 
Patrick Akcr 
pel Allan 
Ian Allen 
Walthew Alicnckirr 
Aviy;i AllL-n Flayy 
Danny Alvarez 

, Patric 


.losluia Aniaya 
Roberi Aquino 
(\)nn(ir Arscnault 
.lordaii Balhoiii 
Derek Bandoiiveres 
Brandon Bangura 
Ashley Barrett 

James Barry 
Michael Barry 
Andrew Beckford 
Victoria Bennett 
Jillian Bent 
Robert Bernoth 
Bryanna Bertrand 

Nikki Billiri 
Amanda Bisbee 
Christian Blake 
Rodyl Blanc 
Wayne Bolz 
Maria Bonfiglio 
Jennifer Bossi 

Amy Boucher 
Joseph Bower 
Andrea Bozza 
Joseph Brady 
Rebecca Brajak 
Jessica Brevilia 
Alyson Brooks 

Alexandria Brown 
Thomas Brown 
Lindsey Bullen 
Ryan Burke 
Ryan Burke 
Chelsey Burnham 
Alishia Burns 

Sarah Burns 
Jodi Cailler 
Daniel Caliendo 
Katelynn Gallery 
Marissa Canfield 
Timothy Canniff 
Ryan Cantalupo 

Michael Canty 
Michaela Capalino 
John Capodilupo 
Samantha Capone 
Jennifer Carew 
Cheryl Carey 
James Carfagno 


Clyde Carmant 
Jake Carmichael 
Emily Carroll 
Nicollette Carter 
Clayton Castellanos 
James Cataldo 
Geoffrey Cedrone 

Romeo Cedrone 
Raschele Ceja 
Meaghan Chait 
Daniel Chase 
Brittany Chestnut 
Danielle Chestnut 
Leroy Chifamba 

Jessica Chirichetti 
Jennifer Chisholm 
Christopher Clark 
Anna Clifford 
Stephanie Cloutier 
Alexandra Coates 
Anya Colanton 

Derek Cole 
Jordan Cole 
Robert Cole 
Melanie Collins 
Lizelle Comfort 
Theresa Conn 
Derek Copson 

Matthew Corcoran 
Evan Corhss 
Daniel Costa 
Joseph Costa 
Sean Coughlin 
Zachary Creeden 
Victoria Crenshaw 

Ian Crowe 
Steven CuUinane 
Allyson Cunningham 
Lauren Curley 
Allison Curran-Komulai 
Nicole Curtis 
Teresa Cuticchia 

Malgorzata Czerwonka 
Raphaelle Da Costa 
Krislen Dangora 
Mia Teresa Dangora 
Marcus Daniels 
Llanne Dascoli 
Jacklyn Decowski 

Alexander Del Monaco 
Sara Demco 
Kenneth Dempsey 
Marguerite Dempsey 
Shane Derose 
Daniel Desanlis 
Michelle Dilenime 



Peter Diiili 
Holly Dixoii 
Kyle Dolber 
Chrisiiiiii Doucciic 
Scim l)oi]j!hcily 
MiiUhcw Doylt' 
Ashley Diydcn 

Atliiniia DiilTin 
CouiliK y I )iinuiis 
Tuyldi IJunlcavy 
Nancy Duong 
Kaillyn Dussi 
Amy Edwards 
Daniel Eggleslon 

Yasser El-Hamawy 
Renee Elliott 
Sarah Eriandson 
Brendan Fanell 
Alberto Fernandes 
Dylan Fernandes 
Joseph Ferraro 

Patrick Ferrera 
Emily Ficarra 
Conor Finegan 
Kerin Ford 
Brigid Forestier 
Ashley Francis 
Trevor Frederick 

William Frevold 
Brendan Gallahue 
Jillian Gangi 
Daniela Garcia 
Kelly Gaudette 
Joseph Giambrone 
Amanda Gillis 

Daniel Girard 
Jake Glancy 
Danielle Godjikian 
Kayla Gorham 
Melissa Govertsen 
Amanda Grant 
Amy Greensmith 

Ryan Hamilton 
Michael Hannon 
Philip Heck 
Richard Heckbert 
Chris Herrick 
Bryan Higgins 
Meghan Might 

Caitlin Hill 
Danielle Hills 
James Holland 
Matthew Horan 
Allison Hourihan 
Jeffrey Howe 
Kevin Hughes 


Monica Hughes 
Shelley Hun 
Brian Hunt 
Stephen Hunter 
Michael Hurley 
Casey Hutchinson 
Nicholas Imlach 

Ben Jackey 
Jessica Janus 
Jeanette Stefaniak 
Barbara Jenkins 
Lea Jimenez 
Matthew Johnson 
Stephanie Johnson 

Brad Johnstone 
Amanda Joyce 
Kaithn Kelly 
Kyle Kennedy 
Lucas Kessler 
Sana Khalifa 
Shannon Kinsley 

Joshua Kisiel 
Brenda Kissane 
Meghan Knight 
Michelle Knight 
Nicole Lacerda 
Lucas Lamothe 
Andrew Lanteigne 

Leandra Laspada 
Sean Liberty 
Elizabeth Libro 
Marisa Limoli 
James Liotine 
Chris Lomanno 
Andy Loranger 

Geraldine Lorbes 
Joseph Luciano 
Katarina Macafee 
Erin Macdoweil 
Mahesh Macdoweil 
Tayla Maceachern 
Michael Macinnis 

Sara Mackenzie 
Diana Madden 
Sarah Maguire 
Kevin Mahaney 
Amanda Mahoney 
Samantlia Maltais 
Justin Mancini 

Irene Maneda 
Jcllrey Marcano 
Dana Margossian 
Marisa Marion 
Alex Marks 
Conor McCarron 
April McCaughey 



Kyle McChiii}; 
AmaiulM Mcl liipl) 

C'ailliii Mclnni.s 
Rebecca Mcliilosli 
Sean Mcl .aii^liliii 
Leah McWillianis 

Elana Megerian 

Allison Mcnibiini) 
Nicholas Mcniinolo 
Jaretl Menyislab 
Slephanie Micali/zi 
William Miles 
Jessica Miller 
Kristin Miller 

Brian Milo 
John Montgomery 
Ashli Mooney 
Colin Moore 
Steven Moore 
Tyler Moore 
Neil Morris 

Sean Morrison 
Stephen Morrissey 
Tyler Monies 
Melissa Muise 
Michelle Muise 
Rita Musaazi 
Kristen Musto 

Gary Newcomb 
Ryan Nickerson 
Alexandra Nicosia 
Andrew Norman 
Ashleigh Norman 
Kevin Norman 
Randi Ochab 

David Ogden 
Alexandra Oleksy 
Jared Ozolins 
Ryan Grady 
Catherine Pangakis 
Ryan Paquette 
Giancarlo Paradise 

Alex Parker 
Darshana Patel 
Kirtan Patel 
Kaitlynn Patterson 
Aaron Pelletier 
Krystle Pelosi 
Nicole Pelrine 

Daniel Peltier 
Christophe Pena 
Lauren Pena 
Katie Penny 
Anthony Percuoco 
Lillian Perkins 
Nicole Perkins 


Anlliony Perrone 
Christopher Perry 
Douglas Petersen 
Stephen Peterson 
Stephan Petropotilos 
Steven Pilon 
Jessica Piscatelli 

Jennifer Porter 
Derik Pratt 
Jessica Prongay 
Sarah Quatieri 
Hannah Ramos 
Krishna Rana 
Christina Ratte" 

Sean Reale 
Daniel Reardon 
Savanah Reynolds 
Antonio Riccardi 
Kimberly Riccio 
Derek Rich 
Anthony Rieser 

Stephanie Rizzari 
Daniel Robichaud 
Robyn Robichaud 
Kevin Robinson 
Jillian Rosa 
Lachey Ross 
James Roth 

Julia Rudomen 
Hailey Runyan 
David Ryan 
Danielle Salvato 
Vanessa Samon 
Matthew Sanderson 
Sean Sargent 

Elise Sawyer 
Mark Scannelli 
Shannon Scarpaci 
Brittany Schissler 
William Scholl 
Adina Scola 
Haik Selian 

Christopher Sennott 
Denis Severs 
Ashley Sharkey 
John Shattuck 
Shawn Shea 
Victoria Siciliano 
Michelle Slater 

( 'lirisloplier Smith 
Kevin Smith 
I laylcy Spencer 
David Spinalc 
Lauren Si Cyr 
Olivia Si. John 
Mrillany Stanley 


SaiiKmlha S\onc 
Sliawna Sliaz/crc 
NccsIki Siiaav. 
ChrislopluT Siilln iin 
Luke Sullivan 
Slcphanic Sullivan 
Sean Siinlani 

I.illa Szekely 
Tiniolhy Taker 
Maria Tim 
Heather 'I'ininions 
Jessica Toeio 
Michelle Torpcy 
Vinny Toslo 

Michael Trant 
Justin Turcotte 
Melissa Ulcena 
Wouter Van Beek 
Stephanie Vance 
Christopher Vaughan 
Shawn Vereker 

Anthony Vigliotta 
Jonathan Villafuerte 
Alexander Voskanian 
Michael Wade 
Courtney Waring 
Rebecca Welch 
Christian Williams 



Tumor Ce>hciiels. 


Yusul AlnhiliiiMjiui 
hill Ahi.ihiiiiison 
Kiisliii Aliiiiiiu) 
idivcs Adiliim 
Sluiwn Ak'XiiiKlcr 
Krislin Anclreasen 
Rachel Annusc 

I'cras Aiinous 
NatliatiicI Aievalo 
Karceii Arrey 
Daniel Avtgis 
Kevin Babineau 
Rachell Baldwin 
Joseph Barrett 

Karen Batchelder 
Edward Bayiates 
Larry Bean 
Alexis Beck 
Thomaso Benichasa 
Rosemarie Berrabah 
Caitlyn Bijeol 

Madison Bishop 
Nicole Blaney 
Hailey Blois 
Alex Bortnick 
Derek Bosworth 
Ryan Boudreau 
Melissa Breen 

Andrew Broderick 
Ryan Burdick 
Jessica Burgett 
Michael Burke 
Kyle Burnett 
Francis Burns 
Christopher Buscemi 

Amanda Butler 
Brianna Butler 
Michelle Button 
Joshua Cabili 
Richard Cain 
Brian Canierano 
Amanda Campbell 

Brian Canniff 
Candie Canning 
Cameron Caples 
Austin Capone 
Sarah Carew 
Felicia Carey 
Amanda Carr 

Samantha Cascio 
Kaitlin Casey 
Colleen Cavalier 
Elizabeth Centauro 
Jessica Cheek 
Mariam Chekmeyan 
Emily Chiasson 


Heather Chiros 
Joseph Ciccone 
Jaclyn Cierri 
Stephen Ciotti 
Brandon Clark 
Fedner Claude 
Melinda Clemens 

Kasey Clermont 
Kelsey Clermont 
Stefany Cobb 
Leo Cody 
Brandon Coelho 
Alicia Columbus 
Nicole Comfort 

Mackenzie Coneeny 
Mary Connell 
Gabrielle Conrad 
Kyle Corcoran 
Lindy Cormier 
Shaun Corum 
Ryan Courtney 

Richard Cowan 
Brendan Cox 
Shauna Cox 
Melissa Craft 
Nick Crosson 
Shawntel Crutchfield 
Crystal Cunningham 

Zachary Curran 
Jennifer D'Urso 
Anya Dangora 
Malko Darbouze 
Devin Darosa 
Ashley Daurie 
Ryan Derosier 

Salim Dib 
Jack Dichiara 
Jared Dienes 
Tayla Difrancesco 
Luba Diorio 
Kara Dodd 
Philip Doherty 

Ryan Donahoe 
Jason Dong 
Rachel Donovan 
Michael Doucet 
Megan Douglass 
Jason Drab 
Eirini Drakos 

Adam DLihaincI 
Shayna Dimhani 
Laura Duprc 
Hmalic I'l-hakih 
John [ill is 
Connor LI more 
Yvonne Lrasmus 

Nicok' I'.iickson 
Tyler I'vaiis 
Asliloy l'';incll 
'l';iyl()r Irdcrchook 
Sliiik' I 'ci ikiikIcs 
Aiilhoiiy lvriai;i 
David I'cnari) 

Vinicius Ferrcira 
Lindsay Fischer 
Thomas Fil/.patrick 
Tj Fiinl-Lopez 
Danielle Forristall 
Taylor Fossey 
Samantha Fournier 

Ryan Franchi 
Angela Franklin 
Brittney Frazier 
Michael Frye 
Andrew Fulgoni 
Jessica Fulgoni 
Nicholas Fulgoni 

Jonathan Fultz 
Valerie Fusco 
Aslani Gadatia 
Colleen Gagne 
Anthony Garcia 
Christopher Garmon 
Brooke Garvey 

Lauren Gary 
Maritza Geraldo 
Zachary Giacoppo 
Julie Gillis 
Paul Ginsburg 
Christopher Giosa 
Nicole Girard 

Briana Gonsalves 
Kyle Goyette 
Jenna Graham 
Amanda Granfield 
Amanda Grassia 
Jill Greensmith 
John Griffin 

Ben Hachey 
Kelly Hachey 
Ian Hall 
Patrick Hanafin 
Chris Hansen 
Amy Hanslia 
Meaghan Hardy 

William Harris 
Robyn Hart 
Curtis Healy 
Leah Heuston 
Briana Hickey 
Kasey Higgins 
Kevin Homem 


Justin Hood 
Caitlyn Hubbard 
Eric Hughes 
Chelsey Hynes 
Dalton James 
Peter Janus 
Conor Johnson 

Kayla Johnson 
Marissa Jones 
Alexandre Jorge 
Erica Josselyn 
Katelyn Joy 
Meghan Kaffine 
Sarah Kalmes 

Jonathan Kaul 
John Kelleher 
Kaitlyn Kelley 
Graham Kelly 
James Kelly 
Dylan King 
Justin King 

Eric Kinney 
Mitchell Kurker 
Jason Lagross 
Ibrahim Lahlaf 
Jessica Lavertue 
Jennifer Lawson 
Dat Le 

Justin Leger 
Tyler Lewis 
Danielle Loranger 
Stephanie Lucas 
Janessa Luke 
Mary Kate Macdonald 
Scott Macdonald 

Amanda Mackenzie 
Heidy Madrid 
Joshua Mahoney 
Zachary Mahoney 
Kristina Mallard 
Kyle Malone 
Jessica Mancuso 

Anna Manetta 
Katelynn Mann 
Stephen Manoukian 
Cedrick Manuel 
Joshua Martel 
Emily Massa 
Christian May 

Macken/,ic Maynard 
Jessica Ma/zonc 
Allyson McAvoy 
Meghan McCarlliy 
Brillncy McCoy 
/acliary McDoiunigh 
William McEwcn 


I'liyloii ML'Oonaglc 
Dylan McCiiiin 
KailciK- Mclniiis 
ScoU McKi-'iincy 
ViiiCL'iit Mi.l,ainc 
Daniel Mel .aiiylilin 
Kiiiibciiy McLanghliii 

Mary McLaughlin 
Krisline McNeill 
Evan Middleton 
Derek Mirabile 
Rachel Moukley 
Brittany Moore 
Nicholas Morello 

Bryan Morris 
Cally Monies 
Joseph Mullan 
Julielyn Mullen 
Patrick Mullen 
James Murphy 
Nicholas Murphy 

Ross Murphy 
Shannon Murphy 
Ashley Nadeau 
Joshua Nairn 
Adam Najjarian 
Chelsea Napolitano 
Devan Nichols 

Robert Noetzel 
Hannah Nolan 
Kathryn Norman 
Shannen 0~ Grady 
Alexandra Oles 
Travis Overton 
Megan Pacheco 

Tyler Pacheco 
Jennifer Pack£ird 
Brittany Palaski 
Nico Paolucci 
Jordan Paskell 
Archana Patel 
Pankti Patel 

Matthew Paulsen 
Jenna Peary 
Steven Pena 
Cory Penta 
Kyle Penta 
Kati Phelan 
Jeremy Pittsley 

Kalitha Playter 
Grace Politis 
Alexander Powell 
Cameron Priestley 
Anthony Quarantello 
Dylan Race 
Kyle Ramsey 


Minal Rana 
Jenna Rantala 
Gabrielle Reis 
Michelle Ricci 
Gino Ricciardi 
Jacqueline Rideout 
Carolyn Riel 

John Ripa 
Daniel Rivers 
Christian Rizk 
Tyler Roberts 
Jeremy Robertson 
Matthew Robinson 
Anthony Rodwell 

Danielle Rogers 
Christina Rose 
Adam Royston 
Johnathan Rubeski 
Tymothy Rumley 
Alicia Rush 
Joseph Salem 

Samir Sanariya 
Danielle Sanchez 
Erika Sanderson 
Nicole Santaipio 
Nicholas Santoro 
Jacqulyn Sardina 
Thomas Savini 

Derick Scheffer 
Craig Schellenbach 
Alex Schneiler 
Thamara Schubert 
Matthew Sheehan 
Stephanie Sherburne 
Melanie Simpson 

Katie Skara 
Sean Slattery 
Jacqueline Smith 
Sean Smith 
Justin Sok 
Jonathan Sousa 
Dominique Spencer 

Phillip Spencer 
Dylan Stevens 
Alyssa Stonesifer 
Ashley Slumpf 
Daniel Sullivan 
Dylan Svenson 
Stephen Taylor 

Krisicn Tcniullo 

I k-iillicr ThiluTl 

JaiiiK' I iicii) 

I IrislJiia l oMlchcva 

Travis Tripodi 

I )cri.'k Tsaknopoulos 

1 liiiiiK'NiihiiiKi VaiiliiiiIdH 


V^ik'i ic V 
Nii'iilf Vaiikiii 

'liiKC Mailiii Vi 


II jjlik'sr 
I Vasiii 

Ian Vincent 
Brian Vii)leUc 

Nicholas Violetle 
Jaied Vitale 
Kyle Walker 
Sarah Walker 
Tyler Wasson 
Kaillyn Waters 
Kyle White 

Grant Whiteway 
Bradley Wilkes 
Lindsey Wilson 
Jevon Yu 
Miriam Zizza 
Joseph Zuccaro 



Kylci' Ailams 
AK-\:iiiili;i Adicr 
Maki-n/ic Alloholli 
Ashley Anilci'Nim 
T^iyl;! Aiulcrson 
Kaloliii An;jol 
( 'lavliin Ai loco 

[ liiyle Atkinson 
SlL'phanic Avtgis 
Parker Bailey 
Rachel Baldwin 
Caitlin Barbas 
Matthew Barden 
Ryan Baroni 

Kristina Barry 
Robert Battcock 
Jessica Baumann 
Jordan Beaudry 
Victoria Belakhov 
Joseph Bernbaum 
Timothy Bernbaum 

Dylan Bettencourt 
hini Billiri 
Jozef Black 
David Blois 
Jasmine Bou-Nassif 
Robert Bourgeois 
Rennee Boyden 

Anna Brajak 
Patrick Brandanese 
Alexis Brandano 
Tina Brewster 
Fone Brittany 
Justin Brookings 
Erin Brooks 

Katy Brooks 
Quincy Brown 
Kyle BiTjnelle 
Alex Buchanan 
Stacie Bucknam 
Kelsey Bunker 
Keith Buoncuore 

Jacquelyn Burke 
Patrick Burns 
Russell Callahan 
Andrew Campbell 
Christopher Campbell 
Katelyn Canario 
Morgan Cancelliere 

Carley Cann 
Troy Cantalupo 
Joshua Capraro 
Kelly Carolyn 
Alexandria Carter 
Joshua Castonguay 
Nicole Cataldo 


Meghan Catania 
Gregory Cedrone 
Megan Celona 
Sirvard Cheknieyan 
Antyhony Chiccarelli 
Andrew Ciccariello 
Donald Clericuzio 

Gina Cloutier 
Caitlin Coakley 
Nathan Coates 
Derek Coffey 
Ashley Colantuoni 
Brian Cole 
Edwai'd Collins 

Paul Collins 
Bremdan Connell 
Kellie Connors 
Dominique Conway 
Maureen Corbett 
Kyle Corkery 
Cassandra Corliss 

Thomas Cormier 
Joyce Cortez 
Jennifer Couture 
Haley Crimmings 
Matthew Crosson 
Cameron Crowley 
Thomas Crowley 

Ashley Cunneen 
Andrew Cunningham 
Mia Curtatone 
Kelly Dangora 
Elizabeth Darrigo 
Sean Davis 
Nicholas Delmonaco 

Ashley Demeras 
Gabriel Demoura 
Marc Depari 
Kristina Derosier 
Justin DeSilva 
Tricia Devlin 
Kelsey DiCicco 

Thorsten Dieckow 
Daniel DiFabio 
Angela DiFrancesco 
Mitchell DiManche 
Jcnniler Dinh 
Danielle Diorio 
Alex Dolierty 

Kevin Doherty 
William Doherly 
I leather Donoghue 
Bianca Doone 
Margaret Doucetle 
Jake Douglass 
Kyle Douglass 



Conor Dnsroll 
Mckiiyla I )uln 
I jiiily Diiki'll 
IVlc;ij;uii I )iiiik-avy 
Vanessa Diissanll 
Dylan tidnumds 
Tiiiiolhy liikcnbcny 

John liklriclgc 
Cliiislina Ellurcl 

Myk's HIrick 
Ryan Enos 
Nicholas Evans 

Alexis Fallon 

Chris Fanow 

Jaylene Faulkner 
Anthony Fennell 
Timothy Ferguson 
Michelle Ferola 
Ashley Ferreira 
Mariana Fen^eira 
Jason Ferri 

Kayla Flynn 
Michael Flynn 
Dylan Folland 
Myah Folland 
James Foster 
Ian Fox 
Meghan Francioso 

Timothy Fraser 
Brittany Frederick 
Justin Fritz 
Arthur Fulgoni 
Matthew Gallant 
Cedelyn Gamble 
Jose Garcia 

Kelley Gedick 
Melissa Gedick 
Rebecca Gillis 
Christopher Giordano 
Paige Glebus 
Jason Grace 
Jonathan Graham 

Joseph Grant 
Coree Greenhow 
Sullivan Griffin 
Chantel Guerette 
Brian Guittarr 
Selh Hall 
Raymond Hamilton 

Matthew Hart 
Brian Heckbert 
Krystal Heffernan 
Mason Heuston 
Daniel Hill 
Joseph Hill 
Ryan Hoffmann 

9 X/ 



Grady Holt 
Brian Homan 
Meghan Horan 
Emily Howe 
Graham Hughes 
Corinne Huntley 
Nicholas Hussey 

Tyler Igo 

Edward Jankowski 
Jeffrey Jean-Phillipe 
Timothy Jenkins 
Kathleen Jimenez 
Alexandra Johnson 
Serena Johnson 

Sahil Kamthewala 
Denise Kardosz 
Justin Knickle 
Alexis Knight 
Emily Koles 
Andrew Kriff 
Brandon Kuzmich 

Safiya Lahlaf 
Ashley Laing 
Sam Lamothe 
Eric Larson 
Kevin Laska 
Nicholas Laspada 
Rachel Lightner 

Nikolay Liharski 
Katherine Liotine 
Steevie Litchfield 
Denzel Livingston 
Eric Logan 
Nathan Logan 
Jessica Lopes 

Sarah Lopes 
Ana Lougee-Rodriguez 
Jake Loureiro 
Michelle Lowder 
Stephnie Lunt 
Joseph Maccini 
Meghan MacDonald 

Cameron Maceachern 
Ryan Macf-arland 
Ryan Macleod 
Rebecca MacMillan 
Bryan Maga 
Carolyn Maguire 
Mirantla Mauuire 

Megan Mahoney 
Jonathan Majcski 
I .aurcn Maloney 
Julianne Man/.i 
fj'ica Marcliant 
I k-niy Marin 
Nicole Marlcy 


( 'lirisloplii.-i Miuliii 
Siiiiili M.illlicws 
linu'sloii Mainissjiiil 
Tlicicsa Mayull 
I'ali ick Mt ( 'alliiin 
Michael McCoiiiiat k 
Scan McCichci; 

Brianna McMugh 
William Mcliinis 
Krisiinc McLaughlin 
'riuinias McLaughlin 
Brian Mclay 
Benjamin Melaugh 
Corine Meliek 

Katelyn Melo 
Aline Mendes 
Masuzyo Mhango 
Gregory Micalizzi 
Crenshaw Michelle 
Aaron Miel 
James Miele 

Sarah Miller 
Meredith Mills 
Katie Millstein 
Brianna Mohla 
Casi Mooney 
Zachary Mooney 
Darnell Moore 

Samantha Moore 
Tayla Moran 
Kelly Morris 
Christina Morrison 
Crystal Morrison 
Sarah Morrison 
Mary Beth Morrissey 

Maryjo Morrissey 
Shawn Moixissey 
Robert Moschella 
Ariah Murphy 
Katelyn Murphy 
Robert Murphy 
Veronica Murray 

Erika Nadile 
Ashley Napolitano 
Melanie Nault 
Ryan Nickerson 
Elizabeth Norman 
Shaun Norman 
Benjamin Nye 

Mary O'Brien 
Shannon O'Connor 
Alexander O'Leary 
Stephen O'Leary 
Bryan O'Neil 
Kyle O'Niel 
Adam Ochab 


Nayiri Ohanian 
Victoria Oliva 
Asliiey Olsen 
Anna Olson 
Ross Olsson 
Casey Overton 
Martin Owens 

Mark Pagkaliwangan 
Stephen Parise 
Brad Parker 
Kaylee Parsons 
Lisa Passanisi 
Jay Patel 
Matthew Peltier 

Elisabeth Penney 
Rebecca Percuoco 
Ashlee Perkins 
Jenna Perrone 
Michael Perrotti 
Amy Pestana 
Bryan Peterson 

Derek Peterson 
Christina Petropoulos 
Rebecca Pinals 
Joseph Pittorino 
Alexandra Pitts 
Jennifer Pope 
Nicole Proulx 

Kristen Pustizzi 
Byron Ramirez 
Rachael Ramos 
Jordan Raney 
Arthur Raposo 
Paolo Raye 
Jacob Rayner 

Kristina Recher 
Haley Regal 
Kathryn Regal 
Sean Reinold 
William Ricard 
Antonio Riccardi 
Jessica Richards 

Ashley Riley 
Samuel Ri/.zari 
James Robichaud 
Meaghan Roche 
Chanda Rockett 
Cameron Rodwell 
Emily Rowland 

Jared Roy 
Kelscy Ruffing 
Tasha Rush 
Hvan Ryan 
Rachael Ryan 
Fahra-Cecilia Sako 
Brianna Salani 


Kass.iiuli ;i Sali\liiii v 

('111 isldplu i SlIlK III'/ 

( 'i)llrt ii S.iiuli is 
liiiii Saiuli'iNon 
AiiiHX- SanlonI 
I .aiii a Sai'ijciil 
l)a\ kI Saiilnifi 

Nicluilas Scarpaci 
Jdscpli SciortiiU) 
I'j ic .Scrolaiio 
IJavitI Sgroi 
Mallhcw Shannon 
Michael Shannon 
Kawika Shidaki 

Matthew Sinotte 
Keith Skelton 
Cameion Slatton 
Casey Slejzer 
Alexander Smith 
Michelle Soloski 
Christopher Soly 

Daniel Soly 
Matthew Souza 
Kimberly Spinale 
Dylan Spongberg 
Samantha Sprague 
Meredith Stanton 
Robert Stanton 

Brianna Starr 
Hailey Stimpson 
Brandon Stotfers 
Kyle Stuart 
Kelsey Sullivan 
Nicole Sullivan 
Patrick Sullivan 

Eric Summerlin 
Jay Sutton 
David Swider 
Francis Tainter 
Joshua Taker 
Patrick Tanguay 
Robert Tanzilli 

Robert Tedford 
Elizabeth Thomas 
Brian Thompson 
Julianne Tilley 
Felicia Timpe 
Samantha Tosto 
April Trifone 

Pedro Trindade 
Kira Trunfio 
Michael Tucker 
Jessica Turinese 
Victoria Turkette 
Holly Valente 
Kristyn Van Arnam 


Anneloes Van Beek 
Eric Velasquez 
Sliayna Vigliotta 
Francis Villasorda 
Peter Walters 
Michael Wanamaker 
Scott Weeks 

Joshua Wescott 
Desiree Wilkerson 
Shawna Wilson 
Philip Yeo 
Kelly Young 
Michael Zammuto 
John Zorzy 


Dr. Serio 

June 20()y 

Dear Class of 2009, 

I'he future is yours. It will be filled with boundless opportunities and the independence of adult 
life. Will societies meet the challenges ahead? How will you measure yourself to these 

I can assure you that the positives will outweigh the problems. Keep the winning spirit and an 
attitude of success. I know you can be a credit to yourselves, yoiu- families, Billerica Memorial 
High School, and the Town of Billerica. 

I join with the Billerica School Committee in congratulating each and every one of the Class of 
2009. May your future be filled with happiness and achievement. 

Congratulations and best wishes. 

Antliony Serio, Ed.D. 
Superintendent of Schools 

Assistant Superintendents 

Mr. Antonelli Dr. Safier 

Business Curriculum 

Mr. Soraghan 

Dear Class of 2009, 

I am pleased to again congratulate you on your accomplishments while students at Billerica Memorial High 
School. Although I have been associated with BMHS for only a short period of time, the progress you made 
was recognized by me and obvious to your teachers and other administrators. 

As seniors, you responded with maturity and enthusiasm to opportunities that were presented to you. This past 
year, you were able to undertake new endeavors and demonstrated publicly that you were prepared for new 
challenges. What you were able to accomplish as a group, is indicative of your growth as a class. 

The Class of 2009 has now moved on to undertake many new challenges. Educators in this community have 
long prepared the foundation for what is to come. For many of you, that will include the pursuit of higher 
education, while others will choose to immediately enter the work force. No matter what you choose, each of 
you has the opportunity to be successful. 

You will always be known as a member of the BMHS Class of 2009. This community will take pride in the 
contributions you make to society. I have enjoyed witnessing the success you have already experienced, and 
look forward to hearing about your future accomplishments. 

Best Wishes, 

Assistant Principals 

Mr. Brooks 

Class of 2009 

Ms. Biagiotti 

Class of 2010 

Mr. Murphy 

Class of 2011 

Ms. Galdston 

Class of 2012 

Mr. Adams 
Ms. Aguilcni 
Ms. Alicni 
Ms. Anuslioiig 
Ms. Ai-sciiiiLill 
Ms. Baii'os 

Ms. Baker 
Ms. Banrii-lcl 
Ms. Harbaro 
Ms. Barooshiaii 
Ms. Bartoii-I.cch 
Ml-. BcdarLl 

Ms. Berry 
Ms. Biagiotti 
Ms. Bishop 
Mr. Black 
Ms. Blouin 
Ms. Boardman 

Ms. Bojarski 
Mr. Bottari 
Ms. Brown 
Ms. Bujnowski 
Ms. Burke 
Ms. Burke 

Mr. Burns 
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Mr. Caldwell 
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Ms. Capella 
Mr. Carey 

Mr. Carroll 
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Mr. Cook 
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Mr. Desmond 
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Ms. .lensen 
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Ms. Killian 
Mr. Landry 


Ms. 1 .;mlci};iic 
Me. l.L-linuiii 
Mr. Lewis 
Mr. I.LV.enski 
Ms. I.ish 
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Ms. l.uciaiu) 
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Ms. Rivera 
Ms. Royall 
Ms. Ryan 
Ms. S after 

Ms. Sargent 
Ms. Sarno 
Ms. Sic 
Ms. Soly 
Ms. Soucy 
Ms. Sprague 


^e£ft of H/VH^'- 

Mr. Ciccarelli, 
Mrs. Piwowar 

Mr. Gleason 


Mr. Carey 

Ms. Greer 

Boys Socckk 

The 2009 boys soccer team was led 
by the senior captains Tyler Stoffers, 
who was named player of the year, 
Joe Buckley named all conference, 
and Brian Heider. Coming into the 

year, our team had a different 
chemistry than in the past, but when 
we upset Central Catholic, we knew 
how successful our season could be. 
Some of our other notable games 

were the 7-0 game against 
Tewksbury and our 2-2 tie against 
Peabody who was fourth in the state. 
We finished the season with 10 wins, 
5 losses and 3 ties. We won the 
Merrimack Valley Conference and 
went to the Division 1 North State 
Tournament. Unfortunately, we fell to 

Newton North in the first round, it 
was a heartbreaking game where we 
lost in a penalty kick shoot out after 
two golden goal overtimes. However, 

without the captains and the other 
seniors. Matt Fogerty, Pat Kriff, Mike 
Leone, Justin Trischetta, and 
manager Aniket Patel, we never 
could have made it there. We were 
also the first team to have been with 
Coach Foley and Coach Vasallo for 

all four years; without them, the 
season would not have been what it 
was - excellent. 

Row One: Pat Kriff, Brian Heider, Tyler Stoffers, Joe Buckley, Matt Fogerty, 
Justin Trischitta, Mike Leone 
Row Two: Coach Foley, Steve Hunter, Yasser El-Hamawy, Alex Smith, Seann 
Allen, Aniket Patel 

Row Three: Alex Jorge, Tim Cannif, Ryan Nickerson, Tyler Moules, Sean 
Sargent, Matt Horan, Dylan Fernandes 








Maiden Catholic 














Central Catholic 

























Maiden Catholic 

Npwtnn North 

1 VV LWI 1 1 11 1 


OT Loss in PK's 

Girls S<m:!Oer 

Row One: Danielle James, Kirsten Arsenault, Erika Ciccarlello, KIrsten Olsson, 
Katlynn Ladd 

Row Two: Marissa Canfield, Neesha Suarez, Stephanie Jonhson, Nicole Curtis, 
Stephanie Vance, Andrea Bozza, Jennifer D'Urso, 

Row Three: Coach Severe, Meghan Catania, Stephanie Micalizzi, Mia Dangora, 
Samantha Stone, Heather Timmons, Jessica Chirichetti, Jessica Janus, Marisa 
Marion, Coach Roach 

Below: Coach Roach, Erika Ciccarlello, Kirsten Olsson, 
Kirsten Arsenault, Coach Severe 

Varsity FooiBiUL 

Above: Senior Captains Jannes Sorenson, Keric Kelly, 
Matt Langill and Brian Roche, with Coach Flynn in the center 


Row One: James Sorenson, Keric Kelly, Matt Langill, Dan O'Connor 
Row Two: Brian Roche, Greg Orekoya, Tony Fulgoni, Chris Rice, Billy 
Gozzo, Jermaine Smith 

Row Three: Matt Cataldo, Shawn Riccio, Brett Parente, Kyle 
Raymond, Chris Ercolani 


The 2008 Billerica Indians football season v 
filled with nnany highs and lows. The Indian 
started fast out of gate with an impressive 66 
record after the first 6 games and was ranke 
8th in the state. These wins included victorki 
over conference foes Andover, Methuen, 
Haverhill, a blowout victory over the always/ 
tough Woburn, and highlighted by a huge w 
against New Hampshire powerhouse Bisho 
Guertin. Unfortunately, many injuries started 
catch up with the Indians as they finished th 
season a disappointing 1-4. This included a 
heart breaking loss against Lowell and a 
dramatic loss to our rivals, Chelmsford, on . 
Thanksgiving. When it was all said and done I 
the Indians ended up 7-4 overall, and 4-4 in tl' 
very tough MVC, finishing 4th in the league. 
Although the Indians did not finish the way the 
would have liked too, they still had a good yea 
for being a young team. Even though they wei 
young, they had strong senior leadership 
provided by Captains Matt Langill, James 
Sorenson, Keric Kelly and Dan O'Connor, anc 
also seniors Kyle "Jesus" Raymond, Matt 
Cataldo, Shawn Riccio, Billy Gozzo, Brian 
Roche, and Greg Orekoya. One big question 
that was answered this season was the quarte 
back position, where freshman sensation Nick 
Laspada contributed with an amazing season,' 

gaining attention from coaches around the 
state. After a year where the Indians finished 3 
games above .500, the future continues to look; 
bright with a strong nucleus of players 


Billerica 22 

Burlington 20 

Billerica 34 

Woburn 6 

Billerica 14 


Billerica 35 

Andover 27 

Billerica 43 

Haverhill 19 

Billerica 21 

Bishop Guertin 7 

Billerica 16 

Dracut 47 

Billerica 21 

Tewksbury 19 

Billerica 8 

Central Catholic 20 

Billerica 19 

Lowell 28 

Billerica 16 

Chelmsford 22 

7 wins 

- 4 losses - ties 

Billerica football cheering started off the 2008 season with exciting new elite 
stunts and worked hard to perfect them. The girls placed in the top three at the 
Merrimack Valley competition with a score of 72.5, earning them a spot at the 
regional competition. They worked hard all season long to boost the football 
teams spirits, decorating the locker room every week and wowing the crowd. 
Somebody noticed our hard work, earning our first ever invitation to the football 
pasta party. More pasta parties, sleepovers and scavenger hunts followed giving 
us memories to last a lifetime. They finished off the season as the TOP 
entertainment at Pep Rally - how's that for aggressive! 

Row One: Jen Gaudette, Bridget Ellis, Megan Hurley, Kristen Murray, Devon Hatch 

Row Two: Michelle Dilemme, Shannon Kinsley, Amy Greensmith, Adina Scola, Heather Wyatt, Brigid Forestier 
Row Three: Jannessa Luke, Candle Canning, Brittney McCoy, Paige Glebus, Krissy McNeil 


Below Left: Bianca Long 
Below Right: Senior Captains Bridget Ellis, Megan Hurley, Kristen Murray 

SwiMmNG & Diving 

The Swimming and Diving team 
enjoyed many lively meets both at the 
Shawsheen Tech pool and at away 
meets during this 2008-2009 season. 
These girls worked extremely hard at 
every practice, which helped everyone 
improve within their individual events 

and in their relays. Jillian Flynn, 
Stephanie Roulic and Emily Levin led 
the team as captains to win third place 
in their Merrimack Valley 
Championships. Coaches Anthony 
Fiore, Beth Colandreo, and Katie Mixon 

helped individuals improve their 
techniques while building a unique team 
bond between the girls. The Swimming 
and Diving team made it all the way to 
Sectionals this season. The team was 
incredibly supportive of its members, 
cheering for their teammates during 
every race. This season was one to be 
remembered by the girls as one of 
passion, hard work, and a lot of fun. 

Above: Senior Captains Jillian Flynn, Emily Levin, 
Stephanie Roulic and Coach Anthony Fiore 


Front Row: Megan Knight, Jillian Rosa, Michelle Muise, Michelle Knight, Leah 
McWilliams, Colleen Cavalier, Shawna Strazzere 

Back Row: Assistant Coach Mara, Coach Miner, Kerry Ford, Lauren Weitz, 
Kelsey Leonard, Alison Brooks, Randi Ochab, Kayla Johnson, Courtney Dumais 

The Billerica Memorial Highf 

School girl's 2008-2009 
volleyball team was lead by\ 
senior co-captain and middk! 

hitter Kelsey Leonard and 
senior right side player Laurer 

Weitz. The pair was 
instrumental in leading the Lao 
Indians to the MIAA Divison 

Tournament where 
unfortunately, the team lost in 
the first round to host Peabody 
High School. Highlights fromr 
the season included a season) 

opening victory over rival 
Chelmsford High School as we* 
as the victory over perennial ' 
power Andover High School. 
The Indians finished with a 
record of 9-10 overall. 

Seniors Lauren Weitz and Kelsey Leonard Captains Kelsey Leonard and Meghan Knight with 

Coach Miner 

Above: Lauren Weitz, Meghan Knight, Michelle Knight 
Below: Michelle Muise and Kelsey Leonard 

Seniors Mike Craft, Connor Lewis, Brandon Oliver, 
Matthew Pomponi 

Captains Mike Craft, Connor Lewis and Brandon Oliver ' 
with Coach Button 

Row One: Derek Rich, Dan Girard, Connor Lewis, Mike Craft, IVIatthew Pomponi, Brandon Oliver, 
Jake Carnnicliael, Paul Ginsburg 

Row Two: Kyle White, Jake Griffin, Ryan Derosier, Graham Kelly, Brendan Cox, Andrew Norman, 
Ryan Mcleod, Pat Burns, Fran Burns 

Row Three: Coach Catie Button, David Swider, Matt Doyle, Zach Creeden, Leo Cody, Dalton 
James, Pat Bradanese 

(iiRLS Cross Country 

Seniors (left to right): Chelsey Sordello, Katie Burns, Jordan Hurley, 
Jena O'Brien, Malorie Ulcena, Shauna Murphy 

The Girls Cross Country 
team had its best season in 
school history. In addition to 
winning the Battle of the 
Border Invitational and 
placing 3rd at the state-wide 
Bay State Invitational, the 
girls had a regular season 
record of 9-1 and placed 2nd 
in the MVC Championship. 
They then went on to place 
fourth at the Division 1 state 

championship, which 
matched the highest finish 
ever. The girls then placed 
8th in the All-State 
Championship, the best 
finish in school history. The 

team will miss seniors 
Malorie Ulcena, Katie Burns, 
Jordan Hurley, Jena O'Brien, 
Chelsey Sordello and 
Shauna Murphy. 

Row One: Nikki Biliri, Lauren Pena, Shauna Murphy, Katie Burns, Jena O'Brien, Jordan Hurley, Malorie 
Ulcena, Clielsey Sordello, IVIelissa Ulcena, Gosia Czenwonl<a 

Row Two: Cally IVloules, Kristina IVIallard, Jenna Peary, IVIelissa Craft, Shauna Cox, Anya Dangora, Jenn 
Lawson, Kara Dodd, Amanda Grassia, Christina Rose, Jess Mazzone 

Row Three: Kristin Abramo, Katelin Angel, Meaghan Roche, Stephanie Lunt, Sam Sprague, Mary O'Brien, Irini 
Billiri, Jordan Beaudry, Beth Norman, Brittany Fredericks, Megan Mahoney, Kristen Pustizzi, Coach Hagan 

Right: Senior Captains Katie Burns, 
Jordan Hurley, Jena O'Brien, 
Malorie Ulcena 

Chelsey Sordello 



Row One: Donny Clericuzio, Tim Fraser, Kevin Homem, Brandon Kuzmich, Bobby Bourgeois, 
Steven Parise, Mark Pagkaliwangan 

Row Two: Steplien Manoukian, Mike Hurley, Joey Ferraro, Jim Celata, Sliawn Duncan, Gary 
Shea, Mitcli Kurker, Cam Caples, Anna Stepper, Coacli Jenkins 


Seniors Sliawn Duncan, Gary Shea, Anna Stepper, Jim Celata 

"Bou)5 \]i)iotGrTracK 



Evan Rudomen, 
Mike Craft, 
IVIatt Horan, 
IVIatt Fogerty, 
Keric Kelly, 
Brandon Oliver, 
Alex Rymill, 
Tom Gauger 

The boys track team started 
the season under a new 
coach and were very 
successful. We finished the 
season 4-2, with big wins 
against Chelmsford and 
Tewksbury. The success of 
our team can be conthbuted 
to hard work and teamwork. 5 

members qualified for the 
state meet and did very well. 
One major highlight was Tyler 
Moules breaking the school 
record in the 1000 meter run. 


Coach Burns, 
Matt Horan, 
Matt Fogerty, 
Keric Kelly, 
Brandon Oliver. 

Girls XOiotGrTrcicK 

The girls indoor track team had a very large team 

which was made up of mostly underclassmen. 
The girls were led by nine seniors: Jen Gaudette 

(hurdles), Emile Levin (hurdles/high jump), 
Lauren Weitz (hurdles/high jump). Amy TIbbetts 

(sprints), Chelsey Sordello (middle distance), 
Katie Burns (distance), Jordan Hurley (distance), 
Jena OBrien (distance), and Malorie Ulcena 
(distance). There was a great deal of 
improvement throughout the season and seven 
girls qualified for the Division 1 Championship 
meet: Gosia Czerwonka and Chelsey Sordello in 
the 600 meters, Cally Moules in the 1000 meters, 
Melissa Ulcena in the 1 mile run, Christina Rose 

and Kristina Mallard in the 2 mile and Katie 
Penny in the shot put. Gosia Czerwonka placed 
3rd in the Division 1 meet in the 600 in a school 
record time and advanced to the All State Meet. 
She also competed in the 800 meters at the 
National Championships. 


VS Them 











Notre Dame 









"600)5 'BasKctball 

Row One: 

Ryan Nickerson, 
Ryan Donohue, 
Neil Morris, 
Scott Cotreau, 
Jake Carmicliael 
Row Two: 
Aniket Patel, 
Sean Morrison, 
Joe Buckley, 
Lewis Hangyal, 
Dan O'Connor, 
Connor Elmore, 
168 Gary Shea 

(left to right) 
Joe Buckley, Scott 
Cotreau, Lewis 
Hangyal, Aniket 
Patel (manager), 
Dan O'Connor, 
Gary Shea 

Girls "Basketball 

The girls varsity basketball team had a very good season. Playing in arguably the 
toughest league in the state, the Indians qualified for post season play, losing a 
heartbreaker to Acton-Boxboro on a game winning shot with 8 seconds to go. The team 
was led by captains Kirsten Arsenault and Haley Nolan, who along with Katie Croke, 
made the M.V.C. all-star team. Other seniors who contributed to the efforts were 
forwards Jen Cupp and Marissa Martel, and guards Laura Williams and Stacy Deveau. 

Row One: Stacy Deveau, Laura Williams, Kirsten Arsenault, Haley Nolan, Katie Croke, Jenn Cupp, Marissa Martell 
Row Two: Hannah Nolan, Brittney Moore, Alyson Brooks, Stephanie Vance, Colleen Cavalier, Andrea Bozza, with 
Coach McCarthy and Coach Doneski 

Below Left: (clockwise from top left) Seniors Stacy Deveau, Laura Williams, Marissa Martell, Jen Cupp, Katie 

Croke, Haley Nolan, Kirsten Arsenault 

Below Right: Captains Kirsten Arsenault and Haley Nolan 


Row One: Nick Violette, Chris iVIartin, Derek Coffey, Tom Courmier, Ian Fox, Nick Morello, Dan Hill, Pat 
McCallum, Chris Rice, Vinny Tosto, Tyler Igo, John Graham 

Row Two: Travis Tripodi, Coach Belanger, Bobby Cole, Derek Cole, Brian Roche, Cam McCallum, Chris Ercolani, 
Jermaine Smith, Matt Osbourne, Grant Whiteway, Tyler Tripodi, Pat Aker, Derek Trunfio, Coach Hawkins 

Above: Brian Roche 

Left to Right: Senior Captains Matt Osbourne, Brian Roche, Derek 
Trunfio, Jermaine Smith 

The 2008-2009 varsity wrestling team was out 

to prove it was a winning team. In his 4th 
season as head coach, Bobby Belanger teamed 

with new assistant coach Steve Hawkins. 
Fronting the team this year were senior captains 
Brian Roche, Jermaine Smith, Matt Osborne, 
and Derek Trunfio. Also helping lead the team 
were seniors Chris Ercolani, Tyler Tripodi, and 
Billy Gozzo. Other notable underclassmen that 
could be found in the varsity lineup were the 
Cole twins Bobby and Derek along with lacrosse 
superstars Grant Whiteway and Nick Morello. 
The season was full of its thrills and big wins. 
One in particular was when the team rallied 
back to ruin Dracuts senior night with two big 
wins coming from Roche and Ercolani to end 
the meet. With all the excitement there were a 
few down points to the season; the team hit a 
few snags. After only three weeks and three 
matches, wrestler Billy Gozzo would lose his 
senior year of wrestling due to a back injury. 
Later in the season, five varsity wrestlers were 
unable to compete at the Shawsheen Tech 
meet (the teams biggest rival). Lets just say 
coach Belanger was not too happy about that. 
The season would end on a good note though, 
as seven wrestlers placed at sectionals, with 
Osborne and Cole winning their respective 
brackets. Derek Cole would go on to be the only 
wrestler to place at the state tournament taking 
3rd. One thing is for sure - the 2008-2009 
season was one to remember. 

\A)ir)tGr CbcGriOQ 

Row One: Shannon Kinsley, Bianca Long, Megan Hurley, 
Adina Scola 

Row Two: Jill Greensmith, Samantha Fournier, Chrissy 
McNeil, Brittany McCoy 

Row Three: Shawna Wilson, Alex Doherty, Denise 
Kardosz, Kaylee Parsons, Maureen Corbett, Ariah Murphy, 
Samantha Tosto 

BMHS basketball cheering 

started this season a little late. 

We rushed, threw together a 
routine and competed during the 

basketball season for the first 
j time in 4 years. Even with an 
I injury right before competition, 
our always-reliable Capt. Megan 

made a few calls to Dallas and 

pulled the team together. We 
took the floor and surprised 

everyone by earning a spot at 
regionals. Although injuries and 

time kept us from competing at 
regionals, we turned our 

attention to team bonding. We 
had a few t-shirt decorating and 

pasta parties, sleepovers, and 

Patrick was grounded for life! 
Now that's WILD! 


^500)5 ocKgu) 

Row One: Peter Vacca, Nick Scarpaci, James Kelly, Dylan Femandes, Wayne Bolz, John Kelliher, 
Bobby Bourgeois 

Row Two: Coach O'Brien, Coach Rowley, Jared Ozolins, Ross Murphy, Jim Celata, John Ripa, Greg 
Melaugh, Danny Reardon, Ben Melaugh, Jimmy Holland, PJ Sarro, Nick Lespada, Andy Broderick, 
Dan Caliendo, Can Melo, Derek Copson, Shawn Duncan, Coach Wronski, Coach Loranger 

Coaches Loranger and Rowley, Captains Greg Melaugh, Cam Melo 
and Shawn Duncan, Coaches Wronski and O'Brien 

The 2008-2009 Boys Varsitj^ 
Hockey Season was one for 
the ages. After not qualifyinc 
for the State Tournament fo 
the last three years, we final! 
made an appearance this 
year, led by seniors Greg 
Melaugh, Shawn Duncan, 
Cam Melo, Peter Vacca, 
Jimmy Celata and PJ Sarro. 
We managed to make it bad 
to the postseason after a thre- 
year absence. A slump late ii 
the season lead us into the 
playoffs with a first round 
matchup against Wakefeild. 
Although we lost first round, 
this truly was an unforgettabk 


Girl 5 f^ocKGU) 

Katelyn Ladd 

Shannon Kelly 

Top: Kathleen Keegan 
Bottom: Nicole GIrard 

Above: Seniors Alycla Tarani, Katelynn Ladd, Jess Leite, 
Kathleen Keegan, Shannon Kelly 

Below: Captains Katelynn Ladd, Jess Leite and 
Kathleen Keegan 

Row One: Liz Darigo, Kathleen Keegan 

Row Two: Maggie Dempsey, Barbara Jenkins, Alycia Tarani, Jess Leite, 
Katelynn Ladd, Shannon Kelly, Anny Boucher, Amanda Mahoney 
Row Three: Coach Carabba, Christie Caliendo, Nicole Erickson, Nicole 
Girard, Christine McLaughlin, Kristen Ternullo, Kelsey Bunker 


Barbara Jenkins 

Top: Amy Boucher 
Bottom: Kim IVlcLaughlin 

Jess Leite 


Overall the girl's hockey team had a 
good season. They made it to the 
playoffs for the 9th year. Senior 
leaders Included Katelyn Ladd, 
Jessica Leite, Shannon Kelley, 
Alycia Tarani, and Kathleen Keegan. 
Katelyn Ladd earned the honors of 
MVP of the team and All Conference 
for the league. She was the team 

point leader as a defensemen. 
Jessica Leite and Kathleen Keegan 
were an instrumental part of the 
teams success. Their efforts and 
leadership gave the team inspiration 
to pull through during those tough 


The girls varsity gymnastics team had 
great season. After losing six seniors Is 
year, this was expected to be a rebulidi 
season. With no seniors on the team t 
year, Junior co-captains Lauren St.Cyi\ 
Caitlin Hill, Ashley Barrett and sophmot 
standout Taylor Federchook led the 
Indians to a fourth place finish at the MV 
championship. Federchook, in her first 
year on the team, became the MVC alli 
around champion and broke four schoc 

records on her way to being All- 
Conference. St. Cyr and Barrett joined 
Federchook at States where Ashley 
Barrett danced her way to a fourth placf 
finish on floor. With so much talent on th 
team, the Indians are looking fonward to 
great season next year! 


6oys Baseball 


Row One: Brendon MacErin, Jim Celata, Tim Hurley, Tom Burke, James Sorenson, Shawn Vereker 
Row Two: Coach Pelletier, Derek Cole, Sam Walsh, Conner Elmore, Dan DeSantis, Nick LeSpada, 
John Rippa, Gary Shea, Wayne Bolz, Coach Higgins 

Coach Pelletier, Captains Gary Shea, Tim Seniors Row One: Gary Shea, Tim Hurley, 

Hurley and James Sorenson, Coach Higgins James Sorenson 

Row Two: Jim Celata, Brandon MacErin, 
184 Sam Walsh, Tom Burke 

Row One: Olivia D'Alessandro, Nikki Giatis, Leah IVIcWilliams, Kelly Collins, Brianna Mahoney, Lauren Weitz, 
Ariel McKenna, Molly Walsh 

Row Two:Amy Edwards, Amanda Campbell, Alyson Brooks, Lily Perkins, Sarah Quateri, Meghan Knight, 
Kristen Miller, Amanda Grassia 

Seniors Row One: Kelly Collins, Nikki Giatis, Lauren Weitz, Molly Walsh Captains Kelly Collins, Brianna Mahoney, Leah McWilliams 

Row Two: Olivia D'Alessandro, Brianna Mahoney, Ariel McKenna 


6oys Lacrosse 

Row One: Mike Slatton, Matt Langill, Tom Todd, Greg Melaugh, Peter Vacca, Tyler Tripodi, Brian Roche 
Row Two: Dylan Fernandas, Nick Morello, Billy Frevold, Tim Canniff, Justin Fritz, Sean Dougherty, Cam 
Slatton, Ryan Nickerson 

Row Three: Tom McLaughlin, Ben Melaugh, Jamie Kelly, Ryan Burdick, Ross Murphy, Chris Pena, Chris 
Smith, Ian Abrahamson, Mike Curley 

Row Four: Ryan Sandberg, Matt Sanderson, Grant Whiteway, Jimmy Holland 

Seniors Row One: Matt Langill, Tom Todd, 

Greg Melaugh 
Row Two: Mike Slatton, Ryan Sandberg, 
Peter Vacca, Brian Roche, Tyler Tripodi 

Girls Lacrosse 

Row One: Kaitlyn Williams, Shauna Murphy, Haley Abrahamson, Devon Hatch, Joanna Doyle 
Row Two: Marissa Canfield, Amy Greensmith, Shawna Strazzere, Neesha Suarez, Anya Dangora, Jen Carew 
Row Three: Coach Powderly, Nicole Curtis, Amanda Mackenzie, Julie Mullen, Grace Politis, Tayla 
MacEachern, Heather Timmons, Andrea Bozza, Lauren Pena, Coach Martel 

Seniors Kaitlyn Williams, Shauna Murphy, 
Haley Abrahamson, Devon Hatch, Joanna Doyle 

Coach Powderly, Captains Haley Abrahamson 
and Devon Hatch, Coach Martel 

6oys Spring Track 

Girls Spring Track 

6oys Tennis 

Row One: Anthony Vigliotta, Fran Burns, Anthony Spencer, Austin Capone, Nick Violette 
Row Two: Coach Govertsen, Sean Sargent, Will McEwen, Jonathan Villafuerte, Dan 
Caliendo, Matt Paulsen, Kevin Robinson 

Girls Tennis 

Row One: Stephanie Cloutier, Michelle McEwen, Jillian Flynn, Lindsay Jenkins, Jillian Rosa, 
Hannah Ramos, Melissa Govertsen 

Row Two: Coach Granfield, Katie Skara, Angela Franklin, Jamie Tocio, Laura Dupre, Veronica 
Murray, Rebecca Finals, Gina Cloutier, Jennifer Dinh 

Captains Michelle McEwen and Lindsay 
Jenkins with Coach Granfield 

Sen/ors Jillian Flynn, Michelle McEwen, 
Lindsay Jenkins 


6oys Volleyball 

Row One: Jimmy Barry, Captain Alex Jorge, Captain Sean Reale 

Row Two: Adam Royston, Tliomas Fitzpatrick, Thorsten Dieckow, Peter Dinh, 

Coach Polan, Manager Mia Dangora 


The BMHS Drama Department presented their 
production of "The King Stag" by Carlo Gozzi in 
the fall of 2008. Directed by Ms. Yoniack, the play 
takes place in the magical kingdom of Serendip 
where the King, Deramo (Zack Mooney), is 
searching for a wife. Three of his possible wives 
are Clarissa (Jillian Paige); the Prime Minister's 
daughter, Smeraldina (Bridgette Berg), the lowly 
country woman; and Angela (Emily Burns), the 
woman who is truly in love with the king. Only 
Angela proves to be a suitable wife, and is chosen 
to be his bride. Deramo, Leander (Brett Peterson), 
Pantaloon (Christian Blake), Tartaglia (Katarina 
MacAfee), Brighella (Kayla Gorham), and the 
King's guards (Matt Barden, Sean McGehee) go 
hunting and kill two stags in celebration. Having 
learned a magic spell, Deramo turns himself into a 
stag while Tartaglia takes over Deramo's body to 
steal his love Angela. Meanwhile, Deramo has 
changed his form into an old man and returns to 
the castle. Angela finds her love is with the old 
man (Deramo), and not the Deramo who holds 
Tartaglia's spirit. A magician appears and 
eliminates Tartaglia, therefore restoring the 
kingdom of Serendip back to happiness. 

The entire senior cast delivered memorable 
performances: Bridgette Berg, Emily Burns, Brett 
Peterson, and Jillian Paige. This show also could 
not have gone on without the fabulous stage crew. 
The seniors, Lauren Merill (Asst. Director), Briana 
Dalton (Stage Manager), Steve Rotondi and Sara 
McKenney (Lighting Design), Rachel Zizza (Sound 
Design), Ann Arsenault, Kevin Baroni, and Molly 
Flood (Stage Crew) all helped make the show 
great. Thanks to the rest of the cast and crew, 
"The King Stag" was truly a show that will not be 


Above: Scott McKenney and Bridgette Berg give it their all 

Left: Luke Sulivan shows his talent 

Right: The drama is too much for Angela, played by Emily 



In the spring of 2009, the Billerica Fine Arts Department 
and the Billerica Friends of Music presented the Disney 
classic "Beauty and the Beast". The tale as old as time is 
a love story between a common girl named Belle (Emily 
Burns) and a cursed Beast (Luke Sullivan) The story is set 
in France where Belle's odd-ball father Maurice (Christian 
Blake) is held hostage by the Beast. Belle then sacrifices 
herself for her father and trades places with him. While in 
the castle Belle meets some very whimsical characters: 
Lumiere, Cogsworth, the Wardrobe, Babette, Mrs. Potts, 
and Chip. The story ends happily ever after with Belle and 
the Beast falling in love, breaking the spell. 

The musical was spectacular with amazing 
performances by seniors Emily Burns, Bridgette Berg, 
Lauren Merril, Brett Peterson, Stephen Rotondi and 
Jennifer Soroka. Also the show could not have been 
possible without the stage crew. The seniors: Briana 
Dalton (Asst. Director), Molly Flood (Props), Sara 
McKenney (Lighting Design), Rachel Zizza (Sound), 
Austin Arroco and Ann Arsenault (Stage Crew). Thanks to 
the rest of the cast and crew for making "Beauty and the 
Beast" truly magical. 





First Row: Vanessa Samon, Rachel Donovan, Gabrielle Conrad, Elise Sawyer, Emily Carroll, 

Allison Curran-Komulainen 
Second Row: Cliristopher Hauser, Cassandra Corliss, Victoria Bennett, Anna Manetta, 
K. Sidney Andreasen, Jillian Bent, Mary McLaughlin, Anastasia Bucknam, Mark Scannelli 
Third Row: Christian Blake, Mr. Gagnon - director, Kelsey Clermont, Bryanna Dalton, Jennifer Soroka, 
Alexander Cote, Kenny Ogden, Caitlyn Hubbard, Jessica Mancuso, John Lapper 


First Row: Dat Le, Bridgette Berg 
Second Row: Jeii Hynnan, Mr. Gagnon, Sam Earn 



First Row: Christopher Sennott, Kevin Mahaney, Mary Lords, Taylor Federchook, Lauren Merrill, 
Brett Peterson, Jillian Paige, Geraldine Lorbes, Thomas Brown, Elizabeth Centauro, Maria Salem 

Second Row: Brianna Dalton, Emily Burns, Mr. Gagnon- director, Nicole VanKuilenburg, 
Heather Wyatt, Renee Elliott, Megan Healey, Stephen Rotundi, Christian Blake, Taylor Dunleavy, 

Jacqueline Hogan 


First Row: Danielle Godjikian, Lindsay Fischer, Brett Peterson, Kristina Barry, Nyri Ohanian, Ann 

Arsenault, Lauren Merrill 

Second Row: Emily Burns, Becky Mcintosh, Meghan Kaffine, Molly Flood, Bridgette Berg, Jennifer 

Soroka, Sara McKenney, Kayla Gorham 
Tliird Row: Ms. Yoniac, Stephen Rotondi, Brianna Starr, Christian Blake, Katarina MacAfee, Matt 
Barden, Sean McGehee, Conor McCarron, Sidney Andreasen 

Mr. 200? i 

* Art Show * 

School Leaders 

Senior Class Officers Junior Class Officers 

Left to Right: Mr. Ciccarelli, Left to Right: Ms. Griffin, Brigid Forestier, 

Dan Pelrine, Steve Ellis, Katie Walsh, Adena Scola, Gel Lorbes, 

Craig Cincotta, Ms. Berry Elana Megerian, Ms. Quesnel 

Sophomore Class Officers Freshman Class Officers 

First Row: Jen Packard, Nicole Comfort, First Row: Zach Mooney, Ms. Banfield, 
Val Fusco, Connor Elmore Mr. Gleason 
Second Row: Ms. Peters, Mr. Carroll Second Row: Kevin Doherty, 
Maureen Corbett, Lisa Passanisi 

Senior Peer Leaders 

First Row: A\yssa Young, Malorie Ulcena, Jen Strauss, Anitha Oomen, Nilam Mistry, 

Stacy Deveau, Ravina Jangra 
Second Row: Shawna Murphy, Steve Ellis, Dan Pelrine, Rahul Jain, Jamie Fallon, Junior Freitas, 

Emily Burns 

Third Row: Tom Burke, Justin Trischitta, Patricia Radzikowski, Briana Bernyk, Katie Walsh, 

Amanda Beale 

Underclassmen Peer Leaders 

First Row: Katelyn Mann, Minal Rana , Shauna Cox, Meaghan Hardy, Brittany Moore, Breianna 
Gonsalves, Sidney Andreason, Kathryn Norman, Nico Paolucci, Phillip Spencer 
Second Row: Ashley Barrett, Lauren St. Cyr, Cally Moules, Jen Lawson, Kara Dodd, 
Christina Rose, Kristen Ternullo, Kristen Abramo, Nicole Comfort, Jake Griffin, Melissa Ulcena, 

Sean Sargeant, Kyle Dobler 
Third Row: Ca\t\\n Hill, Lindsey Bullen, Lizelle Comfort, Jessica Chirichetti, Courtney Dumais, 
Andrea Bozza, Dan Girard, Jennifer Carew, Brigid Forestier, Billy Scholl, Stephani Cloutier 
Fourth Row: Emily Ficarra, Lindsey Bullen, Jessica Piscatelli, Dan Peltier, Alberto Fernandes, 
Theresa Conn, Christina Ratte, Rebecca Brajak, Ryan Nickerson, Daniel Reardon 


First Row: Shauna Murphy, Kait Demattia, Jackie 

Dipersio, Katie Walsh, Jen Packard 
Second Row: Jei^ Hyman, Steve Ellis, Maureen 
Corbett, Zach Moony, Rahul Jain, Bridgid Forestall, 
Nicole Comfort, Val Fusco 
Third Row: Craig Cincotta, Dan Pelrine, Elana 
Megerian, Gel Lorbes Kevin Doherty 


Shauna Murphy & Ally Dupuis 

peuneaLLY eeRLRLEer 


First Row: Stephen Goode, John Capidilupo, 
Emily Ficarra, Jen Carew, Kim Runkle 
Second Row: Mr. Lordan, Matt Sweeney, 
Amanda Raposo, Jen Bossi, Kim Riccio, Emily 

Howe, Eric Imbornone 
Tliird Row: Stacey Deveau, Rahul Jain, Amanda 
Diamond, Joanna Doyle, Devon Hatch 


First Row: Sara Quartieri, Adrianna Duffin, Lily 
Perkins, IVIarisa IVlarion, Kirsten Olsson, Jessica Janus 
Second Row: Haik Selian, Becca Welch, Caitlyn 
Hubbard, Mari Ugaughlin, Ashley Farrell, Megan 
Celono, Sarah Morrison, Kat Jimenez, Vicky Belakhov 
Third Row: AW'ison Mennbrino, Lilla Szekely, 
Minal Rana, Mr. Molloy, Heather Chiros, 
Dominique Spencer, Jessica Mancuso 

OA 9-^ 



First Row: Theresa Conn, Holly Dixon, Robyn 
Robichaud, Brenda Kissane, Lizelle Comfort, 
Jessica Chirichetti 
Second Row: Tommy Brown, Tim Caniff, Yasser 

Elhamway, Ibrahim Lahlaf, Ashley Barrett, 
Christina Ratte, Nicole Comfort, Jessica Tocio, 
Nikki Billiri, Ms. Bairos 


Front Row: Ashley Brunelle, Cassie Thomas, 
Vicky Belakhor, Sarah Burns, John Lapper, 

Steph Sullivan 
Second Row: Ms. Bujnowski, Emily Carroll, 
Allison Cunningham, Christian Blake, 
Kenny Ogdel, Sean McGehee 


First Row: Mrs. Gaden, Bradley Wilkes, Vicki 

Second Row: Andrew Norman, Amanda 
Granfield, Sarah Eriandson 

■5 r^'^^ f" 


first Row: Tommy Brown, Ravina Jangra, Catlin 
Power, Danielle James, Melissa Ericksmoen, 

Justin Maillet 
Second Row: Ms. Safier, Connor Lewis, Ryan 
Johnson, Tom Lanteigne, Justin Trischitta, Rahul 
Jain, Mr. Landry 



First Row: Ravina Jangra, Emily Levin, Ryan 

Johnson, Junior Freitas, Eric Imbornone 
Sencond Row: Ms. O'Donnell, Mr.Ciccarelli 


First Row: Nico Paolucci, Phillip Spencer, Ian Crowe, 
Connor McCarron, Sidney Andreasen, Elizabeth Thomas, 

Karen Batchelder 
Second Row: David Bettencourt, Cedrick Manuel, Bryan 
Morris, Amanda Grandfield, Ryan Sandberg, Miriam 
Chekmeyan, Danny Reardon, Troy Cantalupo, David 
Saulnier, Bradley Wilkes, Ms. Powers, 
Chris Porter 



First Row: Sarah Eriandson, Allison Membrino, Catherine 
Pangakis, Rebecca Welch, Haik Selian, Emily Ficarra, 

Renee Eliot, Melissa Govertsen, Lizelle Comfort 
Second Row: Ms. Bishop, Pat Sullivan, Brittany Fone, 
Kelly Gaudette, Jonathan Villafuerte, John Capodilupo, 
Anna Stepper, Theresa Skinner, Charlie Hun 


First Row: Kim McLaughlin, Sarah Carew, 
Carissa Forte 
Second Row: Ms. daSilva, Jessica Nugent, Holly 
O'Blenis, Kirsten Olsson, Annanda Raposo, Taylor 
Overton, Theresa Skinner, Holly Bliss, Sam 
Brangiforte, Ravina Jangra, Joanna Doyle, 


First Row: Billy Doherty, Nicole Cataldo, Ryan Johnson, 
Anthony Spencer, Patrick Tanguay, James Barry, 
Lauren Barker 

Second Row. Jevon Yu, Dat Le, Nikki Billiri, Alyssa Young, 
Austin Arroco, Allison Rugg, Katie Waters, Nilam Mistry, 
Mark Pagkaliwangan 

Third Row: Mr. Cohen, Shawn Morrissey, Ryan Enos, Conor 
McCarron, Billy Scholl, Gary Newcomb, Anthony Rieser, 
Francis Tainter, Clayton Arroco, C. Jay Sutten, Kevin Sa 



First Row. Philip Spencer, Austin Arroco, Steve 
Soroka, Ms. Griffin, Anitha Oommen, Sam Earn, 

Liz McElligott, Dat Le, Jevon Yu 
Second Row. Andrew Johnson, Shawn Shea, 

Kevin Sa, Junior Freitas, Dan Pelrine, Keith 
Lentlne, Nilam Mistry, Angelina Sorm, Ravi Nair, 
Matt Sheehan, Chris Herrick, Sydney Andreasen, 
Nico Paoluci 


First Row Elana Megerian, Samantha Stone, 
Christopher Smith, Dan DeSantis, Colin Moore, 
Ryan Nickerson, Dan Girard 
Second Row: Chris Pena, Kristen Musto, Joe Luciano, 
Ryan O'Grady, Kevin Norman, Connor McCarron, 
Jevon Yu, Mariam Checkmeyan, Dat Le 



First Row: Lauren Gary, Shawntel Crutchfield, Irene Manetta, Ala Oleksy, Nikki 
Billiri, Jamie Fallon, Jackie Lusk, Brittany Moore, Christina Rose, Jenn Lawson, 

Shauna Cox, Makenzie Altobelli, Sarah Morrison, Megan Healey 
Second Row: Jenn Porter, Jessica Prongay, Sydney Andreasen, Anna Manetta, 
Victoria Bennett, Kristyna Eldridge, Eric Imbornone, Stephen Rotondi, 
Sarah Walker, Maria Bonfiglio 
Third Roiv; Tommy Brown, Theresa Conn, MaryKate MacDonald, Danielle 
Sanchez, Melinda Clemens, Angela Franklin, Kristen Ternullo, Julie Gillis, 
MacKenzie Maynard, Alex Beck, Emalie El-Fakin, Amanda Joyce, Brittany Stanley 
Fourtli Row: Jaclyn Cerri, Briana Gonsalves, Laura Dupre, Katelynn Mann, 
Brianna Salani, Michelle Ferola, Kaylee Parsons, Maureen Corbett 



First Row: Anneloes VanBeck, Nikki Billiri 
Second Row: Rachel Moakley, Jessica Lopes, Charlie 
Hun, Katie Walsh, Justin Maillet, Dan Peltier, Trevor 
Frederick, Chris Vaughan, Holly O'Blenis 
Third Row: Catherine Pangakis, Matt Sweeney, 
Kevin McCluskey, Alex Voskanian, David Bettecourt, 
Jonathan Vilafuerte, Lizzie Thomas, Lisa Passanisi, 
Mr. Landry 


First Row: Sara Quartieri, Adrianna Duffin, Lily Perkins, Marisa 
Marion, Kirsten Olsson, Jessica Janus, Gabrielle Reis, Cassie 

Thomas, Ryan Sandberg 
Second Row: Haik Selian, Becca Welch, Caitlyn Hubbard, Mari 
Ugaughlin, Ashley Farrell, Megan Celono, Sarah Morrison, Kat 
Jimenez, Vicky Belakhov 
Ttiird f?oi/v; Allison Membrino, Lilla Szekely, Minal Rana, Mr. Malloy, 
Heather Chiros, Dominique Spencer, 
Jessica Mancuso 



Listed in Aiptiabetical Order: Kevin Baroni, Amanda Beale, Samantha Brangiforte, Scott Cotreau, Katherine 
Croke, Melissa Dennehy, Steven Ellis, Jennifer Gaudette, Brianna Gentile, Nikki Giatas, Brianna Hartery, Devon 
Hatch, Jordan Hurley, Megan Hurley, Alannah Joyner, Kathleen Keegan, Keith Lentine, Denise L'Heureux, 
Michelle McEwen, Kristen Murray, Dan O'Connor, Brandon Oliver, Steven Onorato, Lauren Parise, Daniel 
Pelrine, Caitlin Power, Amanda Raposo, Chris Rice, Kimberly Runkle, James Sorenson, Samantha Stalker, 

Tyler Stoffers 


Listed in Alptiabetical Order: Ian Abrahamson, Kristin Abramo, Miclnael Allan, Daniel Autgis, Joseph Barrett, Jillian Bent, Andrea Bozza, 
Rebecca Brajak, Daniel Caliendo, Brian Camerano Amanda Campbell, Timothy Canniff, Brian Canniff, Candie Canning, Mike Canty, Austin 
Capone, Kaitlin Casey, Stephen Ciotti, Leo Cody, Amy Conley, Kyle Corcoran, Zachary Creeden, Nicole Curtis, Malgorzata Czenwonka, 
Kristin Dangora, Danny DeSantis, Salim Dib, Tayla DiFrancesco, Kara Dodd, Connor Elmore, Brendan Farrell, Anthony Ferrara, Thomas 
Fitzpatrick, Lauren Gary, Kelly Gaudette, Daniel Girard, Jenna Graham, Amanda Grassia, Meghan Hardy, Curtis Healy, James Holland, 
Justin Hood, Michael Hurley, Alexandre Jorge, Meghan Knight, Michelle Knight, Mitchell Kurker, Ibrahim Lahlaf, Janessa Luke, MaryKate 
MacDonald, Stephen Manoukian, Kimberly McLaughlin, Sean McLaughlin, Jared Mengistab, Colin Moore, Melissa Muise, Michelle Muise, 
James Murphy, Ryan Nickerson, Kevin Norman, Pankti Patel, Stephen Petropoulos, Jenna Rantale, Christina Ratte, Sean Reale, 
Michelle RiccI, Stephanie Rizzari, Matthew Robinson, James Roth, Aoam Royston, Samir Sanariya, Matthew Sanderson, Haik Selian, 
John Shattuck, Jennifer Strauss, Shawna Strazzere, Amy Tibbetts, Melissa Ulcena, Kyle White 


CLASS OF 2009 

Listed Alphabetically: Austin Arroco, Lauren Barker, Bridgette Berg, David Bettencourt, Emily Burns, 
Erica Caliendo, Racliel Costello, Katie Croke, Kim Demattia, Joanna Doyle, Allison Dupuis, Jillian Flynn, 
Matt Fogery, Lewis Hangyal, Melanie Harrington, Megan Healy, Erica Imbornone, Mark Inganger, 
Ravina Jangra, Ryan Johnson, Ariana Lougee-Rodriguez, Morgan Macaulay, Brianna Mahoney, 

Justin Maillet, Ariel McKenna, Kestlie Morelus, Thomas Mullen, Shauna Murphy, Ravi Nair, 
Brandon Oliver, Steve Onorato, Patricia Radzikowski, Amanda Raposo, Joe Roy, Allison Rugg, 
Angeline Sorm, Anthony Spencer, Kremena Stephanova, Tyler Stoffers, Jennifer Strauss, Matt 
Sweeney, Amy Tibbets, Alyssa Tortola, Malorie Ulcena, Molly Walsh, Alyssa Young, Rachel Zizza 

CLASS OF 2010 

Listed Alphabetically: Aylya Alten Flagg, Ashley Barrett, Nikki Billiri, Maria Bonfiglio, Andrea Bozza, Rebecca Brajak, 
Alyson Brooks, Thomas Brown, Lindsey Bullen, Ryan Burke, Ryan Cantalupo, Emily Carroll, Jessica Chirichetti, 
Stephanie Cloutier, Robert Cole, Lizelle Comfort, Victoria Crenshaw, Ian Crowe, Lauren Curley, Nicole Curtis, 
Alex DelMonaco, Holly Dixon, Courtney Dumais, Kaitlyn Dussi, Sarah Eriandson, Brendan Farrell, Patrick Ferrera, 
Emily Ficarra, Alberto Fernandes, Kerie Ford, Caitlin Hill, Brian Hunt, Stephen Hunter, Amanda Joyce, 
Brenda Kissane, Katarina MacAfee, Irene Manetta, Michael Maclnnis, Conor McCarron, Sean McLaughlin, 
Leah McWilliams, Elana Megerian, Kevin Norman, Randi Ochab, Daniel Peltier, Stephen Petropoulos, 
Jessica Piscatelli, Jenn Porter, Jessica Prongay, Sarah Quatieri, Christina Ratte, Savanah Reynolds, 
Robyn Robichaud, Kevin Robinson, Jillian Rosa, Billy Scholl, John Shattuck, Hayley Spencer, Brittay Stanley, 
Lauren St. Cyr, Lilla, Szekely, Michelle Torpey, Stephanie Vance, Christopher Vaughn 


'Bilierica 'Memorial 'High Scfwot 
Local Scfiolarship Awards 

James M. R. Langille Scholarship 

Shauna Murphy 
Ralph Hallenborg Memorial Scholarship 

Peter Vacca 
Joanne O'Brien Memorial Scholarship 
Kathleen Keegan 
Billerica Friends of Music Scholarship Academic Awards 
Emily Burns, Ryan Tainter, Allison Rugg 
Billerica Emblem Club #410 Scholarship 
Scott Cotreau, Lauren Weitz, Kirsten Olsson 
Billerica Athletic Association Scholarship 
Erika Ciccariello, Haley Nolan, Joanna Doyle, Lauren Weitz, Jamie Fallon, Megan Hurley: 
Chelsey Sordello, Katie Burns, Lindsey Jenkins, Kirsten Olsson, Brian Heider, Gary Shea, 
Matthew Fogerty, Scott Cotreau, Justin Thschitta, Gregory Orekoya, James Sorenson, 
Peter Vacca, Timothy Hurley, Thomas Burke 
Billerica Federation of Teachers Scholarship 
Thomas Burke, Jamie Fallon, Mark Infanger, Ariel McKenna 
Billerica Girls Softball Association Annual Scholarship 
-In Memory of Don Donati 
Ariel McKenna 
Billerica Girls Softball Association Annual Scholarship 
-In Memory of Michael F. O'Brien Jr. 
Joanna Doyle 
Billerica Little League Education Award 

Gary Shea, James Sorenson 
Billerica Little League Education Award 
-In Memory of Peg and Arthur C. Skelton 
Steven Ellis 

Billerica Little League Education Award -Frank O'Keefe Scholarship 

Matthew Pomponi 
Billerica Lodge of Elks #2071 Scholarship 
Alyssa Tortola, Ryan Johnson, Molly Flood, Katherine Burns, Mark Infanger 

Billerica Pop Warner 
-Edward F. Hayes, Sr. and Edward Stuart Sr. Memorial Scholarship 
Chelsey Sordello, Danielle Rita, Thomas Todd, Steven Ellis, 

James Sorenson, Brianna Hartery, Brandon Oliver 
Billerica Youth Soccer Association Memorial Scholarships 
-Amy Ward Soccer Scholarship 
Kirsten Arsenault 
-Christopher Pomerleau Soccer Scholarship 

Patrick Kriff 
S. G. Najjar Elementary School Scholarship 
Allison Rugg 
HHS/BMHS Alumni Association Scholarships 
-Ann Mulcahy Memorial Award 
Ariel McKenna 
-Fifty Year Class Award 
Steven Ellis 
-William Flaherty Memorial Award 
Kirsten Olsson 
-Howe High School/BMHS Annual Awards 
Amanda Allen 
-Margaret Mason Memorial Scholarship 
Mark Infanger 
-Robert Brown Memorial Scholarship Award 
Morgan Mac Au ley 

HHS/BMHS Alumni Association Scholarships 
-The Class of 1952 Scholarship 

Kaitlyn Clericuzio 
-Class of 1986 Scholarship 

Gary Shea 

-William Bobbins Memorial Scholarship 

Peter Vacca 

Lieutenant William J. Love Memorial Scholarship 

Austin Arroco 
Massachusetts Elks Scholarship Inc. 

Justin Trischitta 

New England Police Benevolent Association Local 5 Scholarship 

Eril<a Ciccariello 
Dr. Elizabeth McCarthy Memorial Scholarship 

Morgan MacAuley 
Billerica Rotary Club -Michael Olivieri Scholarship 

Er/'/ca Ciccariello, Jacqueline Lusk 
Billerica Youth Basketball Scholarship 
Scott Cotreau, Gary Shea, Kirsten Arsenault 
Billerica Youth Basketball Scholarship -Shamrock Awards 

Anthony Spencer, Steven Ellis, Joseph Roy, Matthew Fogerty, Keith Lentine, 
Danielle Rita, Megan Healy, Katherine Croke 
Ditson School Association Scholarship 

Alyssa Young, Malorie Ulcena 
Sean C. Elmore Memorial Scholarship 
Daniel O'Connor, Thomas Todd, Tyler Stoffers, Katherine Croke, Scott Cotreau, 
Lewis Hangyal, Haley Nolan, Matthew Langill, Gary Shea, Kirsten Arsenault, 
James Sorenson, Timothy Hurley, Thomas Burke 
Paula Fidler Scholarship 
Megan Healy, Gary Shea, Scott Cotreau, Katherine Croke 
Kathi Glavin Higgins Scholarship 
Bridget Connell, Kristyna Eldridge, Megan Healy, Joanna Doyle, 
Kirsten Olsson, Gregory Orekoya 
Kennedy School PTO - James J. Dumas Scholarship 
Bridgette Berg 

Toiun of billerica 
Scfwtarshif foundation Awards 

Ann Lally Costanza Scholarship 

Jillian Paige 
Carolyn Jeffers Scholarship 

Ravi Nair 

George J. Lamantea Memorial Scholarship 

Jennifer Soroka 
Nicola Micozzi Memorial Scholarship 
Ariana Lougee-Rodriguez 
Harriet L. O'Connell Memorial Scholarship 
Brendan MacEachern 
Billerica Fast Pitch Softball, Inc. Scholarship 
Carissa Forte, Olivia D'Alessandro 
Robert Carroll Memorial Scholarship 
Jillian Hadley, Kevin McCluskey 
Deborah Morrison Memorial Scholarship 
Kristyna Eldridge 
Krau Family Scholarship 
Bridgette Berg 

Charles L. Lampson Scholarship 

Thomas Gauger, Devon Hatch 
Rev. John T. Lawler Scholarship 

Gary Shea 
Locke Middle School Scholarship 

Nilam Mistry 

William B. Allen Memorial Disabled American Veterans Scholarship 

Nicole LeBlanc 
Frank A. Altobelli Memorial Scholarship 
Gregory Clifford 
Mary P. and Walter Arakelian Memorial Scholarship 
Andy Nguyen 
Billerica Chiropractic Office Scholarship 
Melanie Harrington 
Billerica Community Alliance Award 
Matthew Pompon i 
Billerica Community Alliance -Gilbert A Griggs Scholarship 
Jennifer Gaudette 
Billerica Knights of Columbus Fr. Wren Council #3963 Scholarship 

Katie Walsh 

Billerica League of Women Voters -Donna Tuttle Memorial Scholarship 

Allison Dupuis 
Billerica Sons of Italy 
-Salvatore Grieco and Anthony E. Capaldo Sr. Memorial Scholarships 

Steven Ellis, Erika Ciccariello 
Karyn Button Memorial Scholarship 

Megan Healy 

Cabot Corporation Community Relations Team Scholarship 

Kelsey Leonard 
Richard Cogan Parker School PTO Scholarship 

Joseph Roy, Kelly Collins 

Community of Christ Lutheran Church Scholarship 

Thomas Burke 
Daniel P. Coneeny Memorial Scholarship 

Brian Roche 
Nancy A. Donaghey Memorial Scholarship 
Mark Infanger 
Donald R. Donati Memorial Scholarship 

Brian Heider 
Michael Donovan Memorial Scholarship 
Gregory Melaugh, Tyler Tripodi 
Scott Dumont Memorial Scholarship 
Nicole Hamwey 
Dutile School PTO Scholarship 
Theresa Skinner 
Eldora Ferren Memorial Scholarship 

Gary Shea 
Sidney Horlink Memorial Scholarship 
Melissa Ericksmoen 
Krefting Memorial Scholarship 
Erin Roche 

Locke Middle School Parents Education Partners Scholarship 

Samantha Brangiforte, Dan OConnor 
Meagher Family Scholarship 
Laura Robichaud 
Emmett Pulliam Memorial Scholarship 
Katherine Burns 
Karen A. Sahagian Memorial Scholarship 
Caitlin Power 

Francis Lester Shaughnessy Memorial Scholarship 
Keith Lentine 
TILL Central Scholarship 
Shauna DeDomenico 
Major John P. Whyte Memorial Scholarship 
Craig Cincotta 
Philip Heffernan Memorial Scholarship 

Alannah Joyner 
Mark Bagshaw Memorial Scholarship 
Amanda Allen 

Marshall Middle School Student Council Scholarship 

Kimberly DeMattia 
Lisa Tammaro Memorial Scholarship 
Briana Dalton 
AWIN Management Services Scholarship 
Jordan Hurley, Evan Rudomen 
Billerica Lions Club ~R. Myrton Davis Memorial Scholarship 
Jillian Flynn, Eric Imbornone 
William F. Bird Memorial Scholarship 
Katherine Croke 
Sgt. William Bradley Memorial Scholarship 
Jamie Fallon 

Kennett F. Burnes Cabot Corporation Scholarship Awards 

Allison Rugg, Michael Craft 
Gladys Cerrato Memorial Scholarship 
Olivia DAIessandro 
Class of 2009 Scholarships 
David Bettencourt, Haley Nolan, Brett Peterson, Shauna Murphy, 
Kremena Stephanova, Rachel Costello 
Karen Jean Dingle Memorial Scholarship 

Derek Trunfio 
Shayna Donovan Memorial Scholarship 
Scott Cotreau 
Empire Recycling Scholarship 
Lauren Weitz 
Lisa E. Jollimore Memorial Scholarship 
Ravina Jangra 
Lowell Five Cents Savings Bank Scholarship 

Patrick Kriff 
Michael A. Picardi IV Memorial Scholarship 
Alyssa Tortola 
Millipore Foundation Scholarship 
Anthony Spencer 
OConnor True Value Hardware Scholarship 
Ariel McKenna 
Keith Bryan Rist Memorial Scholarship 

Lindsay Jenkins, Steven Onorato 
Joseph A. Sarno Memorial Scholarship 

Kaitlin DeMatia 
Thomas J. Walsh Memorial Scholarship 
Rahul Jain 
Dr. Robert J. Calabrese Award 
Erica Caliendo 
Paula DeSimone Scholarship Foundation Award 
Matthew Sweeney 
Barbara G. Norman Memorial Scholarship 
Emily Burns 
Robert M. Wallask Award 
Ryan Johnson 

Yankee Doodle Homecoming Award 

Steven Ellis 
Robert E. Prest Memorial Award 

Lauren Parise 
Billerica Scholarship Foundation Awards 

Chelsey Sordello, Alyssa Young, Jennifer Strauss, Matthew Fogerty, Kristina Ducey, 
Danielle James, Courtney Mills, Emily Levin, Justin Maillet, Lauren Barker, Jacqueline Lusi 
Caitlin Abbott, Kaitlyn Clericuzio, Angela Wilson, Joanna Doyle, Molly Walsh 
Mary Guillemette Memorial Scholarship 
Kirsten Olsson, Stacy Deveau 
Stoneham Bank Scholarship 
Brandon Oliver, Tyler Staffers 
Kent Scholarship Selectmans Awards 

Kathleen Keegan, Daniel Pelrine 
Annette M. Miner Memorial Scholarship 

Justin Trischitta, Amanda Raposo 
Billerica Access Television Scholarship 
Thomas Mullen, Austin Arroco 
Soapstone Networks 
Octavio Freitas, Matthew Pomponi 
Lantheus Medical Imaging Inc. Scholarship 
Malorie Ulcena 

Art Department Award 

Stephanie Garcia 
Drama Award 
Bridgette Berg 
Music Department Award 
Amanda Beale 
Elizabeth L. Johnson Memorial Music Award 
Emily Burns 
English Department Award 
Eric Imbornone 
Award for Literary Magazine Amanuensis 
Octavio Freitas 
Editing Award for Billerica Beat 

Justin Maillet 
Writing Award for Billerica Beat 
Tyler Anderson 
Excellence in Writing Award 
Rachel Zizza 
Mathematics Department Award 
Ravi Nair 
Business Department Award 
Scott Cotreau 
Marge Cooney Award for Excellence in Accounting 
Brandon Oliver 
Science Department Award 
Lauren Barker 
Social Studies Department Sidney Sher Award 
Alyssa Young 
World Language Department Awards 
Eric Imbornone 
Molly Walsh 
Alyssa Young 

Keith Lentine 

Family & Consumer Sciences Department Award 

Kirsten Olsson 
Guidance Department Awards 
Erika Ciccariello, Brians Bernyk 
Special Education Department Award 
Jessica Lapper 
Work Study Department Awards 
Kestlie Morelus, Meghan Laing 
Senior House Office Awards 
Jennifer Cupp, Stacy Deveau, Carissa Forte, Shauna Murphy 
Yearbook Award 
Samantha Brangiforte 

Perfect Attendance Awards (4 years) 

Austin Arroco, Megan Healy, Connor Lewis, Taylor Overton, Alyssa Young 
Perfect Attendance Awards (12 years) 

Megan Healy 
Class of 2009 Female Athlete Award 
Kirsten Arsenault 
Class of 2009 Male Athlete Award 
Gregory Melaugh 
Master of Sports Awards 
Matthew Fogerty, Jena OBrien, Brian Roche, Katie Burns, Jennifer Gaudette, 
Jordan Hurley, Chelsea Sordello 
Barbara Hood Student Scholar Athlete Award-Female 
Shauna Murphy 
Barbara Hood Student Scholar Athlete Award-Male 
Brandon Oliver 
Daughters of the American Revolution 
Amanda Raposo 

Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators Association, Inc. 
Student Achievement Awards 

Allison Dupuis, Shauna Murphy 
Army Reserve Scholar Athlete Awards 

Tyler Stoffers, Katherine Croke 
U. S. Marines Distinguished Athletes Awards 

Gary Shea, Kirsten Arsenault 
U. S. Marine Music Awards (Semper Fi) 

Lindsay Jenkins, Austin Arroco 
U. S. Marine Scholastic Excellence Awards 

Octavio Freitas, Alyssa Young 
Massachusetts Association of Superintendents Awards 
(To the third and fourth ranked students in the graduating class) 

Eric Imbornone, Ravi Nair 
Kent Fund Awards 

Octavio Freitas, Alyssa Young 
BMHS Staff Award to Valedictorian 

Octavio Freitas 
BMHS Staff Award to Salutatorian 

Alyssa Young 

Amanda Allen, Austin Arroco, Lauren Barker, Bridgette Berg, David Bettencourt, 
Samantha Brangiforte, Anastasia Bucknam, Erica Caliendo, Craig Cincotta, Kaitlin 
Clericuzio, Bridget Connell, Katherine Croke, Allison Dupuis, Steven Ellis, Carissa Forte, 
Octavio Freitas, Eric Imbornone, Ravina Jangra, Andrew Johnson, Ryan Johnson, 

Keith Lentine, Ariana Lougee-Rodriguez, Brianna Mahoney, Justin Maillet, 
Michelle McEwen, Ariel McKenna, Lauren Merrill, Kestlie Morelus, Thomas Mullen, 
Shauna Murphy, Ravi Nair, Andy Nguyen, Brandon Oliver, Angela Peterson, 
Patricia Radzikowski, Kristen Reed, Allison Rugg, Kevin Sa, Anthony Spencer, 
Kremena Stephanova, Tyler Stoffers, Malorie Ulcena, Hatim Vajihuddin, Molly Walsh, 

Alyssa Young, Rachel Zizza 

Senior Prom 



One of the most anticipated dances of our 
four years in high school had finally arrived 
on May 29th, 2009. After a long day spent 
with girls getting their hair done and guys 
picking up their tuxedos, the time had finally 
arrived to walk up the red carpet stairs into 
the Danversport Yacht Club. We made our 
way through the beautiful ballroom greeting 

our friends and taking pictures. After our 
dinner was served, we could not sit still any 
longer and the DJ started playing the music. 
In seconds, the floor became packed with 
the Class of 2009. The DJ ended the night 
with Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve as 
the Class of 2009 danced the final song and 
held their friends close in what will be one of 
most truly remembered nights for our class. 


Class Day 

After a long and tedious graduation 
rehearsal, it was time for the class of 2009 
to let loose and have some fun at 
Cederdale Recreation Facility in 
Groveland. Upon our arrival, we were 
greeted with great music, a barbecue, and 

ice cream. Whether we were trying our 
arms out at tennis, smacking balls around 
at the mini golf course, or just relaxing and 

lounging by the pool and hot tub, we 
celebrated one of our last big senior events 
together in enjoyment and happiness. 


After twelve long years, the night of graduation had finally 
arrived on June 2, 2009. Friends and family arrived at the 
Tsongas Arena to show their support and love for the Class of 
2009. During the long anticipated wait, everyone made sure 
their hats were on straight, tassels were in place, and that 
they had the silly bib thing on correctly. At last the moment 

had come. As the Class of 2009 slowly marched in, the 
sound of claps, whistles and cheers from everyone who was 

sharing this extraordinary night with them filled the arena. 
After everyone was seated, the seniors were inspired by the 
words of wisdom from our principal, Mr. Soraghan, and from 
the superintendent, Dr. Serio. In his speech, Dan Peirine 
rejoiced the seniors with all the great times and 
accomplishments we had shared. Alyssa Young reminded us 
to thank those around us who have always been there; family, 
friends and teachers. Junior Freitas challenged us to go off 
and be the best we can be, becoming as successful as we 
can. Our guest Speaker Timothy R. Murphy, a graduate of the 
class of 1984, informed the class to embrace the challenges 
thrown at us. After receiving our diplomas and making our 
way through the line of teachers who have helped us reach 
this point, the time had finally come to turn our tassels and 
toss our caps, exemplifying the graduates journey together as 
one united Class of 2009. 


The 6last 

After receiving our diplomas, we ruslned to 
the high school to spend the next six 
hours celebrating. The Chinese food, 
pizza, donuts and ice cream kept our 
energy up all night long. We were amazed 

by the tricks of the magician, had silly 
caricatures drawn of groups of friends and 

got creative tattoos. By the end of the 
night we were all stunned by the fortunes 
that had been given to us, as we had our 
tarot cards read. From 1 1pm to 5 am, the 
Class of 2009 got together for one last 
time. We listened to the vocal styling of 

Sean Ricco and Amber Nelson who 
performed "Baby Got Back". We watched 
as Jermaine Smith lasted 3 minutes on the 
mechanical bull. We raced our friends at 
the obstacle courses and laughed as the 
hypnotist made the boys slow dance with 
each other and scare the volunteers by 
"being invisible." We all had a blast! 

Congrats Class of 2008! 

Taylor Florist Inc. 

208 Boston Road 
Billerica, MA 01821 
Day Phone: 978-667-1651 
Evening Phone: 978-667-8632 



493 Boston Road. Billerica, MA 01821. 

Unexpected y more." 


Alyssa Young 


You make me so proud. I am so happy to be 
able to call you my daughter. 

I love you! 

- Dad 

Alyssa - 

You can do anything! You work so hard and deserve 
th best! Look back on the good times and keep 
smiling. We will miss you at home! 

Love. Mom 



What can we say? Where has the time gone'? Where is our baby 
(jirl? Congrats Graduate of BMHS Class of 2009! We had no doubt 
wc would be celebrating this day, it just came upon us too quickly. 
What we would give for a time machine to keep you in the nest a 
little bit longer. Your dream of becoming a teacher is becoming a 
reality. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, if you can dream it, 
you can become it. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. 
Your future lies in your hands; continue to be true to yourself and 
others and you will always be on top of the world. Your journey has 
begun, take your time, live life to its fullest, laugh everyday, love 
every moment, have fun and enjoy the ride! Always remember the 
bumps in the road that you may come across are life lessons. 
Learn from them and you will never fail. You are a very special 
young lady who is a beautiful person inside and out. We are all very 
proud of you and wish you the very best. Ta matia sou tesera and 
remember speed dial #1 . Love Yo u! Mom, Dad & Johnn 


Explore every 
crossroad, cross 
every footbridge, let 
your heart guide you 
and follow your 

We are all so very 
proud of you. 

Love ... Mom, Dad, 
Travis & Casey 



Congratulations Matt! We are van 
proud of you and love you van 

Lova, Mom, Dad, Gina and Maxy 

Derek Corcoran 

I have enjoyed watching you grow into suchi 
a wonderful young man. Graduating high 
school is a huge milestone. I am confident 
that you have a bright future ahead! I'm 
proud to be your Mom. 

Love, Mom 

Molly Walsh 


Whether you're crushing a Softball 
or serving the community, you have 
always amazed us and made us 
proud that you're our daughter. 
Continue to do amazing things. The 
world is waiting. 

Love, Mommy and Daddy, Dylan 
and Zander 


Most Sarcastic 

Most (Creative Submakers Most Argumentative 


Most Talkative 

Most Dedicated 


Sara Theresa McKenney 

We are so proud of you. Good 
luck in all that you do. 




Once upon atime, you were 
just a little girl and the apple of our 
eyes. Now here you are, a senior, 
and all your accomplishments. 
Wherever life takes you, we will 
always be there for you, and you 
will always be the appple of our 


Mom, Dad, and Jeff 

Memories For 
a Lifetime 

To the Class of 2009, 

Thank you ALL for making my first experience as a Class 
Secretary the very best it could possibly be. I've 
thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and serve you. Being 
YOUR Secretary has been both a privilege and a 
pleasure. With heartfelt love and deep pride I wish you 
success and happiness. I'll miss you. Visit when you can. 
Thanks for the memories. 

Remember: CLASS OF 2009, SIMPLY THE BEST! 

Your Secretary, 

Gigi Sarno 

Congratulations Katie! 
You have worked hard and should 
be proud of all that you have 
accomplished. Success comes 
from believing in yourself; always 
believe! You can do anything. With 
great pride and all our love, 

Mom, Dad, Mary, Fran, Pat, and 

Sichuan Gourmet 

-Authentic Chinese Sichuan- 

502 Boston Road 
Billerica, MA 01821 


Billerica Public 

1 5 Concord Road 
Billerica, MA 01 821 



674 Boston Road 

(Rte 3A) 
Billerica, MA 01821 


ELKS #2071 








Obama's grassroots organization 
and innovative Web campaign is 
credited witli inspiring young and 
first-time voters to participate heavily 
in the election. 

[C aMnet 

In January 2009, president-elect Obama 
attends the ultimate power lunch in the White 
House, meeting and getting advice from 
President Bush as well as former Presidents 
George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. 



stocks plummet as years 
of excess in the U.S. housing 
marl<et and lax supervision of 
financial institutions contribute 
to the greatest economic crisis 
since the Great Depression. 



With buying power declining in the consumer 
marketplace, companies natiofiwide are forced 
to lay off workers. The national unemployment 
rate hits 7.2 percent in December and is rising 

steadily. The hardest hit states are f\/lichigan, 

Rhode Island, California and Sbuth Carolina. 



1 ,.,|MVl 


I il Eslat • 



Photo by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images^ 

(a) Detroit's struggling "Big Three" automakers, 
General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, request 
and are eventually offered a bailout package 
of just over $17 billion in December. 

Many retailers are forced to file for 
bankruptcy or go out of business after 
being unable to rebound from thie harsh 
economy and a very disappointing fourth 
quarter of 2008, 

In January 2009, after both engines fail ( 
due to ingesting birds, US Ainways Flight 
1549 ditches in New York's Hudson River. 
All 155 passengers and crew members are 
saved, thanks to the skill and courage of 
pilot Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger. 







Environmentally corifeCibus " 
consumers use Items such 
as reusable cloth shopping 
bags and Klean Kanfeen water 
bottles that don't leak harmful 
chemicals like BPA. 



'hat Is your car 

bon footpriMt? 

Tight money and high gas prices 
push auto manufacturers to 
investigate super fuel-efficient 
and electric cars. The Chevrolet 
Volt is an early contender and 
the tiny "Smart" car is already on 
American roads. 

© Transtock/Corbis 

Public bicycle sharing systems, already popular in Europe, roll into 
American cities like Washington, D.C., to help fight traffic congestion 
and reduce pollution. 

ii Car Culture/Corbis 

In September, Google and General Electric 
partner to develop clean technologies. 
Modernizing the national electric grid to 
enable wider deployment of wind, solar and 
geothermal energy will be an early priority. 

The green cleaning 
movement gains 
momentum nationally 
as environmentally 
safe non-toxic cleaning 
products are used in 
many homes, as 
well as state and 
city institutions. 

Brad Pitt launches the 
"Make It Righf project to 
build 1 50 green-sensitive 
new homes in the New 
Orleans Lower 9th Ward, 
which was destroyed by 
Hurricane Katrina. Pitt 
contributes $5 million to 
the project. 

President-elect Obama asks all Americans 
to volunteer their time on the 2009 Martin 
Luther King Jr. Day of Service, January 19, 
and to continue throughout the year. More 
than 12,000 sen/ice projects take place 
across the country. 

,(▼) American swimmer Michael Phelps 
• . makes Olympic history with eight gold 

medals. Phelps sets three world records 
* in his five individual wins. 

The Philadelphia Phillies win their second World Series with a five 
game victory over the Tampa Bay Rays. The fifth game takes three 
days to complete after a rain delay. 

Slumdog Millionaire, a surprise entry 
from India about teen life in Mumbai, 
and Brad Pitt's The Curious Case of 
Benjamin Button, about a man who ages 
backwards, monopolize Academy Award 
nominations with a combined total of 23. 

t'i K 

R&B singer/songwriter 
Ne-Yo brings out his 
third album, Year of the 
Gentleman, which debuts 
on the Billboard 200 at 
No. 2. The album gamers 
six Grammy nominations. 

^) Britney Spears rebounds from 
years of personal challenges with 
her fifth No.1 album, Circus. She 
becomes the only act in Nielsen 
SoundScan history to have four 
albums that debut with 500,000 
or more copies sold. 

The video for Will. Lam's 
song "Yes We Can" 
garners more than 1 .3 
million hits on YouTube 
and becomes an anthem 
for young voters during 
the presidential campaign. 

>4 ^ ' 

Fox's American Idol adds a fourth judge to the 
popular show. Grammy-nominated songwriter 
Kara DioGuardi joins regular panelists Randy 
Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. 


'l^l Rocker David Cook, 

with 58 percent of the fan 
votes, beats balladeer 
David Archuleta in the 
2008 finals of Fox's 
American Idol. 

Top style trends this year 
include baggy pants, oversized 
sunglasses, designer purses, 
black nail polisti and plaids 

2009Jostens, Inc. 08-0743(1824) 

Blllerlea Public Libfaiy 

IS Coocord Road 
Billerica, MA ®!82l 


For Reference 

Not to be taken from this room